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How to Be a Girls Dad

How to Be a Girls Dad
Kobe Bryant is one of many famous men who has become a girl dad. Learn more about Kobe and his commitment to his daughters in this article. Also, learn how to become a girls dad. Here are some suggestions to get you started. And remember to share your story with others. They may need your help, too! Here are some ways to be a girl dad. Let podcast know in the comments section below! We'd love to hear from you! 
Kobe Bryant was a girl dad 
Kobe Bean Bryant was an American basketball player who spent 20 years with the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association. While he was an outstanding player, his family life was filled with scandal. He was married to his first wife, Lisa, before announcing his marriage in June 2012. It is still unclear whether he is a girl dad or not. However, many people think he is a girl dad. 
The news broke after a clip on SportsCenter that sparked the girl dad trend. Thousands of people shared their experiences. It was not long before prominent celebrities and athletes joined in. Kobe Bryant was one of them. He has four daughters with wife Vanessa. Despite his fame, he's still a "girl dad" at heart. Despite the public reaction, many celebrities haven't been shy about sharing their experiences as new parents. 
Kobe's commitment to his daughters 
One of Kobe's favorite photos of his girls is of the two of them kissing, a beautiful moment shared in the interview with MTV. Kobe described Vanessa as his "best friend" and even shared a nickname with her. In fact, he even sent Vanessa roses during a music video shoot. Their relationship has since become even more special, as Vanessa shared the photo on her Instagram account on Valentine's Day. 
Kobe Bryant is the biological father of four daughters and a social father to many more. He has also donated a great deal of time to charity and supported seven different organizations and foundations. These include the After-School All-Stars, Cathy's Kids Foundation, Make-A-Wish Foundation, Vijay Amritraj Foundation, and the Girls Basketball Association. Kobe even got interested in the Women's National Basketball Association, thanks to his daughter Gianna. 
Defining a girl dad 
The term "girl dad" is a new addition to the social media lexicon. According to the Urban Dictionary, a girl dad is a father who wants to give his daughter the same opportunities and privileges as his sons. The term gained popularity earlier this year after it trended on Twitter. It started out as an article about basketball player Kobe Bryant's love for his daughters. It has now spread across the internet, with dads celebrating their daughters. Whether on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, fathers are celebrating their daughters and sharing their love for them. 
For many, becoming a girl dad has a host of benefits. For example, it allows a man to make a greater impact on his child's life, because his daughter is more likely to follow in his footsteps. Besides, a daughter is a child's best friend, so having a girl dad is a great way to build a stronger relationship with your child. However, many women don't realize that a girl dad has to be involved in all aspects of his daughter's life. 
Suggestions for becoming a girl dad 
As a dad, your role in your daughter's life is vital, and it goes beyond being the only man around. A dynamic relationship between you and your daughter will benefit her in many ways - academic success, emotional and mental health, healthy romantic relationships, and much more. Being a good role model for your daughter will make the road ahead easier for her. In podcast , studies have shown that daughters who grow up with a father's love and support have fewer challenges in life. 
When a father, you can become a better role model for your daughter, if you spend quality time with her. Girls are prone to imitating what is expected of them. So, instead of letting your daughter think you don't understand her, make sure you give her opportunities to show you her true self. This will help you build a strong bond with your daughter. While it's hard to resist the temptation to change your daughter's behavior, you can still be supportive and give her the freedom to be herself.
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