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Failed driving test...will insurance go up?

Failed driving test...will insurance go up?
"Hello everyone.A year ago i purchased a-car insurance and when i done the quote i ve fit in error that i have my licence for 5 years and that I just first got it for a couple of months at that time!today my insurance is because of revival and as I had been looking thru the facts on my insurance i pointed out that there is an error about the years for just how long I obtained my I came across a differente insurance provider that's giveng me cheaper priceWhere can i get cheap insurance to get a 1.8 16v VW coraddo im 17 yrs old?I've attempted finding a qoute under my dads label who've about two decades no claims but nevertheless developing as 6000 and that I have inform them about my 6 items for no insurance its 8000 SUPPORT!!!!! 
"Hey guys and girls"I'm livein the united kingdom and not 17 years young. I want to purchase a chevrolet camaro 2010 v6 when I'm 19 but I'm worried just how much insurance I have to cover. Our friend explained it's likely to be much more compared to the autoSelf Drive Hire car insurance? 
"In the event that you get yourself a seatbelt admission in illinois your car insurance rate increase
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