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If I start working, will my insurance get taken...

If I start working, will my insurance get taken away?
"Car- insurance concern"My mother bought me an automobile. She lives in Philadelphia"I am under 18 and my sweetheart wants to purchase a vehicle for us. The vehicle will soon be under his title. So he will need me to become the sole driver of the car"Hello"In the event the car was protected but my name is not underneath the insurance What's edge and downside of insurance? 
Can anyone tell me the following? any help will be appreciated (its depending on your pet dog kennel) 1. What's a certification of insurance is objective. How can it be employed Thanks 
"For operating without insuranceCar crash guidance Florida? 
"I was in a it desire my mistakeI've heard the charges are outrageous. Yet pricey bikes like Harleys have insurance that is cheap. 
"I had been wondering just how much insurance might cost to get a 50+ yearold"Hello Iam 18 in monthly"We have been protecting our Audi with the coop"I want some kind of health coverageHow much does liability insurance expense? Insurance that is just how much do I need? 
"May I obtain a 75K mortgage with no lifeinsurance in the united kingdom? If notCan a Roush 427R Mustang VIN look like a normal Mustang GT on Insurance? 
State insurance auto o.O? 
What's more expensive in America? Health or Health-Insurance? 
"Hello all"From working my man and I merely produce between 1400-2000 per month
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