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NFL Week 5 Review - NFL Sports Betting Picks...

NFL Week 5 Review - NFL Sports Betting Picks & Tips
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Check out the latest NFL power rankings, including updated versions from,, and other sources. 
other NFL focused sports sites, the top four teams are all the same across the 
board and the teams in that group, who played in Week 5, reinforced their 
Standing at the top. 
Five in the NFL featured a variety of games with online sportsbooks. 
double-digit favorites. Advice from sports betting handicapping veterans will 
Many people advise you to avoid betting on big NFL favorites. But this season, the NFL is a great place to bet. 
Parity doesn't seem like the rule of the league. Take a look at the bottom. 
the standings, there are truly some of the worst teams in recent NFL memory. 
The sports betting TV program on Thursday and Sunday looked at all 
The games, including their top NFL Betting Picks for the week and breaking down each big game 
These are just a few of the many games that we love. 
New York Giants were favored by 16 1/2 points, even with Eli Manning nursing 
Plantar fasciitis was not an issue, and I had no problems covering up against Raiders. The online 
sports betting public didn't blink laying the big points, as the Giants 
were one of the most wagered on teams of the week. 
NFL Betting Picks - Teams 
The Minnesota Vikings were the most popular team. The Vikes 
went into St. Louis as 10 1/2 point favorites and they easily covered the spread 
as well. Not to be outdone, the Eagles were listed as 14 1/2 point favorites at 
Tampa Bay was home, and a game that provided yet another cover for heavy chalk. 
That left the Pittsburgh Steelers as the only double-digit favorite that didn't 
They were able to cover the number as they defeated the Detroit Lions by eight (28-20). 
10 1/2 . 
Giants are as good as any team in the league and should have been limited to 
ten guys on the field against Oakland. If the NFL followed the example of the 
English Premier League and promoted and relegated teams in and out of the 
league to different divisions based on team success, then the Raiders would 
start next season in the CFL West division trying to man up against the 
Saskatchewan Roughriders. 
Giants outgained the Raiders 483-123 total yards. The Giants defeated the Raiders 483-123 total yards in their previous games. 
Raiders have only accumulated 165 total yards against Houston, 137 against the 
Broncos, and even in their win against the Chiefs they were outgained 409-166. 
The Raiders need a makeover like no other team has ever before gone under the 
The coaching was fired and the Lions began to climb out of the basement. 
staff and ridding themselves of GM Matt Millen. The Raiders have the challenge 
of needing to get rid of its owner or at least his meddling influence. Al Davis is one the greatest NFL owners. 
He has been doing this for a long time. But maybe it's about time that he went to the lawn bowling courts instead. 
his team up to some savvy football minds. 
There are 
was some concern that the Vikings might have a letdown after getting two big 
wins against the Packers and 49ers. Letdowns are common in the NFL after big 
Games and teams that would by all accounts usually beat an inferior opponent. 
You would be well advised to win this type of matchup. The Vikings have 
covered in every game this season and were well prepared to play up to their 
talent and not the Rams. 
The Rams have scored only one offensive touchdown 
this season and have given up at least 35 points in three straight games. The 
Vikings quickly took an 14-0 lead, and easily cruised to a 38-10 victory 
Cover the 10 1/2 Marc Bulger, who was able to get into the Rams' 10 1/2 mph zone, was a bright spot. 
After being out for a few days with an injury, the team played in the fourth quarter 
weeks and going 7-7 for 88 yards and a TD. Bulger will probably play next week 
in Jacksonville in a scintillating matchup. 
The Vikings host the Ravens next week presenting 
Their most difficult test yet. The Bengals in Baltimore surprised the Ravens in a 
Divisional champions. Ravens almost doubled their score 
favorites with the line as high as 9 1/2. 
Last second TD from Carson Palmer and Andre 
Caldwell could have been a major moment for Palmer. He's still trying. 
He is now a top-ranked quarterback in the league. He has now 
guided the Bengals to four wins in a 'cardiac kids fashion.' The Bengals have 
They won their three previous games by three points. They also have a knack for winning last-minute games. 
heroics. A bigger surprise than their defense or Palmer's re-emergence is that 
running back Cedric Benson leads the league in rushing. The Bengals are for 
real having dispatched the Steelers and the Ravens and Pack on the road. 
Eagles brought back Donovan McNabb, Brian Westbrook from the infirmary on time 
To torch the Buccaneers 33-14. McNabb completed 16 of 21. His QB was also finished. 
His rating of 157.2 was his second highest ever and he also led the team with it. 
30 yards rushing. The Eagles will put up some if McNabb is healthy. 
big numbers in coming weeks. Philadelphia travels to Oakland next week in a 
You might not want the children in the room, so you can play the game. 
  All four teams who had a bye in the previous week won 
their games in Week Five with the Panthers downing the Redskins 20-17, the 
Falcons throttling the 49ers 45-10 and the Cardinals hanging on to beat Houston 28-21. The 
Panthers were the only team that didn't cover the line as they were posted as 3 
 1/2 favorites. The Saints, Bears, Packers and Chargers had a bye this week and 
should be considered as good opportunities to win in Week Six. 
The Denver Broncos still continue to stun the NFL 
after its last minute and overtime heroics against the Patriots. Josh McDaniels 
might not get a sniff at coaching in a lot of high school programs because of 
His age and relative inexperience are a testament to his abilities, but he and his Broncos remain the best. 
Leagues surprise of the year and will be a force that must be reckoned before all else. 
All said and done. The Broncos would have been forced to wear leather helmets. 
match the pre-WWII uniforms. McDaniels educated regardless of what clothes they were wearing. 
His mentor has been a great coach and he has risen to the top for Coach of Year awards. 
Both Jacksonville and the 49ers were exposed. 
week suffering blowout losses. All is good in Seattle with the return of 
underrated QB Matt Hasselbeck. He threw four TDs and looked complete. 
Control against the Jaguars. The embarrassing loss by the 49ers to Atlanta 
Both the Seahawks, and Arizona can be back in the West. As long as 
Seattle can dress Hasselbeck and they have a chance at the division title. 
The Colts and Peyton Manning completed the final round. 
Sunday card, putting on a clinic in their win over the Titanics. Only good 
news for the rest of the league is that Manning tweaked his knee. The bad news 
It isn't life-threatening and he will be able to return to work in a week. The Colts will 
Get some starters back, including Bob Sanders, just in case 
face off against the Rams. Are you willing to bet on Manning winning his sixth? 
Straight 300-yard game? 
The season is rounding into form and it's starting 
to shape up like a Manning versus Manning Super Bowl. Let the excitement begin.
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