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Recycle49 Signing Off

I know most of you may not know me, may not know who I am or what I did. But, after all things there is a start and an end. Sadly I have reached my end. I just have no purpose here anymore and have no reason to post projects. After 2 years I have seen the quality of the projects go down and down. Joining in late 09 I was a unknown scratcher and spammer. I then started the post projects. I became great friends with Astro when he had no views on his projects. After a while I joined the forums. I applied to be a curator. After a few months I was excepted as a curator. After I was done with that job I had my first front paged project. I saw this as a chance of fame and I took it and ran. Within a short time I had 4 front paged projects and one of the most loved projects of all time. After I ran out of ideas I settled down into the forums. I found interesting topics and engaging people. Sadly today that is hard to find. After a wile I stooped posting projects and I forgot about Scratch. I returned once in a while to say "hi" but it just wasn't the same. By this time most of my original friends had left. Only a few were still here but very in active. And then this leads to now. I have moved on, played games and made actual friends. I dont have time all that much anymore.

Scratch has been a great time, it showed me the basics of programming. It helped me understand how programs worked. I have since moved on. I am learning actual languages to program sites and games with. (Jscript, CSS, HTML, HTML5, mIRC, Python, C++, and Java) One day I will look back and say this is were it all began. This is were I learned how to act on the internet and what it is for. 

I would like to say Scratch is a great place. The mods, devs, and admins are great. Never once did I have a bad thought about them. The comunity you have here is great. You have done a great job and set awesome examples. I enjoyed seeing some of my friends become mods and see Cheddar become a Admin (Or whatever you call it ;D). I would now like to take the time to honor my friends who have shaped my life here.
A awesome person to be friends with KalinaStar
And the person who If I spell the name it will ** it out ;D

If you are not on there and knew me dont worry. I remember you. Sadly I fear it is time to go. So this will be one of my last messages. 

Never will forget you guys.

This Recycle49, Signing off.

Pasted: Nov 3, 2011, 11:45:15 pm
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