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>>16417764, >>16417766 Schumer Telling Brett Kavanaugh He'll 'Pay the Price' for Roe Resurfaces
>>16417807 Former Australian Olympic swimming team physio Peter John Wells accused of child sex offences
>>16417820 Tony Blair’s son built a $587m fortune
>>16417839, >>16417853, >>16417865, >>16417871 PDJT has been doing some marathon re-truth sessions, the first one that got noticed was 17 posts. Comms?
>>16417885 How a Belgian Aristocrat Under Investigation for Money Laundering Moved Millions Into Colombia
>>16417905 'Worst AI ever' loves to make 'unspeakably horrible' racist posts and troll online
>>16417907 MSN: Why are boosted Americans testing positive for COVID more than those without extra shot?
>>16417911 APnews: Mexican megachurch leader gets more than 16 years for abuse
>>16417927 AOC on "well regulated" and historical "well regulated" as the new gun grab begins
>>16418104 New vaccine could cure cancer – thanks to team behind Covid jab
>>16418207 Young Girls Are Over-Prescribed Birth Control Pills
>>16418208 Joe Biden slipped again (mp4)
>>16418309 Myanmar Updates: Election Fraud Trial, Executions, Coups, and Color Revolution
>>16418346, >>16418349 John Carlin and the DOJ National Security Division
>>16418253, >>16418267, >>16418391 WHO IS Creative Destructive Media LLC?
>>16418476 #20770

>>16416982 DHS "disinformation board" reportedly pursued to "operationalize" partnerships with big tech to censor opposing viewpoints, whistleblower documents suggest
>>16417007 GOP KY Sen Paul on Fox Business on threat against Justice Kavanaugh: As a victim of politically motivated violence. I'm particularly sensitive this year…we shouldn't be allowing crowds to disrupt the public and be there at nighttime making noise
>>16417036 An FDA panel is about to convene next week to approve CV19 shots for CHILDREN 6 MONTHS - 4 YEARS OLD.  
>>16417073, >>16417124, >>16417200 Rothchilds in the early oil business
>>16417074 Bolsonaro Implies Doubt on Biden Election Ahead of Latin America Summit
>>16417094, >>16417104, >>16417109, >>16417170 Planefag on the case: Military aircraft crashes near Glamis, California
>>16417136 Flashback: List from 2021 of the 83 GOP Lawmakers that refused to object to rampant fraud in the AZ Presidential Election
>>16417211, >>16417247 Secret Service Agent tackles pro-abortion protestor who got too close to Biden's motorcade (mp4)
>>16417218, >>16417225, >>16417584 Key congressman who investigated Jan 6 evidence: Trump "not to blame" for violence
>>16417219 British geologist Jim Fitton jailed in Iraq not a criminal, family say
>>16417265 Ukraine says no to Russia's call for de-mining ports to allow grain shipments
>>16417273, >>16417324 Crash Of Flight 553 Watergate Paymistress Murdered Or Who Killed Dorothy Hunt
>>16417274 Ron DeSantis shows exactly how you deal with the dialectic inversion con artists (rumble video)
>>16417328, >>16417360, >>16417375, >>16417439 Neil Steinberg: Why restrict child porn but not guns?
>>16417345 Kash Patel: That time last night when Jimmy Kimmel tried to make fun of 45/Ultra MAGA, @ThePlotAgainstTheKing and #TruthSocial. Haters gonna hate, thanks for the free advertising in the heart of enemy territory sideshow bob
>>16417430, >>16417459, >>16417490, >>16417599, >>16417660 Biden's White House radicalized would-be Kavanaugh killer as Pelosi holds up new Security Funds
>>16417456 Sputnik: Disgraced Ukraine Ombudswoman Admits She 'Exaggerated' Russian ‘#Rape’ To Get More Western Weapons
>>16417465 For the Keks: Babylon Bee: Elizabeth Warren caught in bush outside kavanaugh's house wielding tomahawk
>>16417516, >>16417520 Doctors seek answers to why healthy young people are dying suddenly and unexpectedly from a mysterious syndrome
>>16417539, >>16417664 Clockfag: QClock June 8, 2022 North Korean Overtures, Nuclear Alien UFO
>>16417555, >>16417581 PEDO BUN 8 June 22
>>16417558 NYPost: Insiders — and Hunter himself — say scandal-clad first son is Joe Biden’s ‘closest adviser’
>>16417565, >>16417607 Unidentified Amarillo Object
>>16417576 How gaming elites exploit gamblers
>>16417592 NASA to launch 3 rockets from private Australian space port
>>16417629 ZH: BIS Calls For Centralization Of Crypto - Predicts Rise Of CBDCs
>>16417633 CALL TO DIG: Is PDJT sending comms via Truth Social?
>>16417647 Clinton Body Count – See the Exhaustive List, Adding Another, Mark Middleton
>>16417668 HRC in the UK?
>>16417670 “Fumes Never Smelled So Sweet”: WSJ Reporter Details Nightmarish Road Trip With Electric Vehicle
>>16417702 #20769

>>16416406, >>16416435, >>16416548, Trump arrives in NJ today to plan counter-programming of the J6 hearings with Elise Stefanik. - twat mp4 vid( can anyone find live link?)
>>16416485 Taking another look at the General Flynn-Kislyak leak. - technofog twat
>>16416212, >>16416219, >>16416800 Democrats Wanted To Intimidate Justices. Now It’s Getting Dangerous - the federalist
>>16416276, >>16416283, >>16416305, >>16416469, >>16416516, >>16416556, Biden’s White House Radicalized the Would-Be Kavanaugh Killer as Pelosi Held Up Supreme Court Security Funds. -
>>16416275 George Soros-funded group of Hispanic investors buy up dozens of radio stations - 8kun top research
>>16416326 Washington Commander Coach Calls Out Media's Hypocrisy on Far-Left Rioters - rumble vid
>>16416352 Trump Scheduled to Testify in New York AG Witch Hunt Probe July 15 - the hill (empty chair and no cross examination allowed, show trial tactics)
>>16416445 Judge orders Trump attorney John Eastman to hand over trove of documents to Jan. 6 panel -
>>16416226, >>16416428, >>16416449, >>16416484, LIVE: U.S. lawmakers debate gun rights on the House floor - youtube (gun grab topic) 10 rep vote with dems
>>16416355, >>16416373, >>16416369,  Biden's 34-year-old pick for top nuclear waste job endured conversion therapy 'torture' at hands of Southern Baptist missionary parents and is now non-binary drag queen who enjoys 'pup play' and worships 'Daddy Fauci' - daily mail and biden admin topic
>>16416386 Supreme Court Holds Private Citizens Can’t Sue Border Patrol for Damages in Excessive Force Claims -
>>16416320 adam shift, trump inciting a erection - mp4 vid kek
>>16416220, >>16416223, >>16416299, >>16416313, >>16416343, >>16416360, >>16416361, >>16416387, Why nuclear material vs radioactive material lb planecrash continued topic 
>>16416336 Tornado Warning continues for Troy OH, Tipp City OH and  West Milton OH - twat
>>16416290 White House Press Secretary are all in California right now for the Summit of the Americas - biden live now in CA planecrash state.
>>16416447, >>16416540, >>16416611, >>16416724  planefag posts
>>16416241, >>16416585, Twitter to give Elon Musk internal data on spam, fake accounts: report - foxbusiness (elon topic)
>>16416248 Hunter Biden keeps clothes on grabbing lunch with daughter in California - nyp
>>16416287, >>16416569, Mortgage demand falls to the lowest level in 22 years amid rising rates and slowing home sales -
>>16416300, >>16416357, Matthew McConaughey spends a lot of time in Marfa, TX - clown in w.h topic. and anon digs.
>>16416311 KSA, 'Israel' growing closer under US auspices: Israeli media - israeli and jewish news
>>16416318 Rothchild connections to Sanctioned Russian Oligarchs - 
>>16416325 The Weather Men IPOT Presents 6.21.19 In Pursuit Of Truth - ipot revisted.
>>16416441 Epstein accuser Virginia Giuffre facing 'sexual assault' allegation from Rina Oh in lawsuit - nyp
>>16416479 Satan' and 'drag' performances Multiple churches ENDORSE coming 'Pride' celebration - groomer and pedo topic
>>16416488, >>16416578, FDA confirms, the mRNA vaccines are causing statistically severe risk of myocarditis in 18-39 year olds! - covid topic
>>16416504 Project Veritas exposes CBS News for using their own reporting to fact check news -
>>16416625, >>16416632, >>16416649, >>16416693, >>16416695, >>16416739, >>16416758 U.S. House of Reps. votes on guns
>>16416643, 16416656 Resident Biden tripped while going up the steps of Air Force One before leaving for Los Angeles on June 8, 2022
>>16416647 DHS "disinformation board" reportedly pursued to "operationalize" partnerships with big tech to censor opposing viewpoints, whistleblower documents suggest - disclosetv
>>16416677 State Officials Admit Drug Decriminalization Has Been a Massive Failure: 'We Have Overdoses Increasing at Drastic Rates' - western journal
>>16416698, 16416700 Crimes Against Children
>>16416728, >>16416731 As Congress Dithers, Social Security and Medicare Inch Closer to Insolvency -
>>16416770 James Watkins re: Jan 6 Committee subpoena
>>16416812 A group of House Republicans questioned Wednesday whether the committee investigating the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol violated rules when it reportedly hired a former news executive
>>16416877 Ron DeSantis gives master class on how to defuse a trash story from corporate media — then goes GOBLIN MODE on the Washington Post for publishing smear about the great @ChristinaPushaw 
>>16416944 #20768

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>>16416112 #20767, >>16416944 #20768, >>16417702 #20769
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