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#17523 Notes

>>13841833 Q Research General #17523: Seventeen Thousand FIve Hundred And Pain Edition
>>13841856 #17523 Dough
==Notables== '''are not endorsements'''

>>13841894, >>13841896, >>13841953 If you didn't read the 2,300 pages of Fauci emails yesterday, here's a quick summary of what he knew from Day 1
>>13841920, >>13841954 McLaren Racing announces the death of Mansour Ojjeh, shareholder of McLaren since 1984
>>13841962, >>13842035, >>13842055 WATCH: Obama reunites with Biden to tout record ObamaCare enrollment numbers
>>13841970, >>13842044 Google this shit: Luciferase + mRna
>>13842019, >>13842032, >>13842072, >>13842297, >>13842532 General Paul M. Nakasone: Cryptology — making and breaking codes — played a critical role in the Allies’ successes on #DDay, and is still a central mission for us today
>>13842043, >>13842260 Planefag Reports
>>13842090 PA STATE SENATOR DAVE AGRALL: “I Support The Call For An Election Audit – THIS IS THE BEST PATH FORWARD 
>>13842098, >>13842287 ARIZONA AUDIT: Third Shift Counts Ballots ALL NIGHT As The Hand Count Begins To Wind Down — Latest Numbers
>>13842120 Governor Newsom Reneges on Promise to Surrender His Emergency COVID-19 Powers
>>13842132 A blaze broke out at a steel factory in Iran’s southern Kerman province Sunday morning, the country’s fifth reported infrastructure fire in little more than 2 wks
>>13842154 California’s Assault Weapons Ban Violates Second Amendment: Judge
>>13842161 Last night, Republicans went 3 for 3, flipping 1 mayoral position in TX border town McAllen & holding 2 others in DFW area...
>>13842184, >>13842280 New CM: Is the BALLOT PRINTING company also the company that mails the ballots?
>>13842200 Edward Snowden and the NSA files – timeline (June 2013)
>>13842219, >>13842292, >>13842635 Ruby Freeman’s daughter & Election Supervisor Wandrea Shaye Moss has been subpoenaed for a deposition in Fulton County #GA
>>13842298 What up With DJT? Pants on Backwards… kek
>>13842315 Pope Calls for Coverup, Whitewash Over Canada School "Discovery"
>>13842330 Trump's COS pressed Justice Depart to investigate bizarre conspiracy theory that people in Italy meddled in 2020 election using military satellites (msn)
>>13842335 QAnon Already Has 19 Candidates Running for Congress in 2022 (vice)
>>13842355 Trust WRay
>>13842374 Military retiree reportedly receives letter of appreciation, signed by President Donald J. Trump as reported by another military man
>>13842403 Joe Biden May Allow Foreign Nationals to Secure U.S. Citizenship Without Standard FBI Vetting
>>13842433 To the anon LB's notable >>13841154 Muammar Gaddafi, enemy of the Deep State Criminals
>>13842479 "China is accelerating its own timetable to take down the USA before such investigations can conclusively place the blame for covid on China’s communist regime." (Mike Adams)
>>13842486  SPARS 2025 - 2028
>>13842491 Benjamin Netanyahu Calls New Israeli Government ‘Biggest Election Scam, Maybe, in History’
>>13842539, >>13842665 Klaus Schwab and the Fourth Reich
>>13842558, >>13842601, >>13842628, >>13842638 DIGG: The Builders of the Wuhan Lab, Institut Merieux, has a foundaton MÉRIEUX FOUNDATION
>>13842562, >>13842599, >>13842644 Swarm of more than 150 earthquakes shakes California's Salton Sea
>>13842598 @CBS_Herridge: NEW: Letter @Jim_Jordan @RepAndyBiggsAZ to AG Garland about recent appointment Susan Hennessy to senior DOJ position. Allegation: “...deleted tens of thousands of public statements from her Twitter account” + “vocal critic of U.S. Attorney John Durham’s investigation” (pending)
>>13842650, >>13842662 AOC shuts funding down her grandma that she uses as a tool of propaganda

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