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Fantasticfiction Jiong Jiong You Yao - 2368 Did You Think I Was Vegetarian? kitty slap recommendation-p2
Jellynovel 《Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet》 - 2368 Did You Think I Was Vegetarian? irritate classy -p2 
Novel-Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet-Perfect Secret Love: The Bad New Wife Is A Little Sweet 
 Seal Team Ten - Frisco's Kid 
2368 Did You Think I Was Vegetarian? impolite sail 
"Director Si, shouldn't you give me a description for now?" Yi Lingjun's concept was menacing. 
Si Yehan and Yi Lingjun have been really the only people in the family room. 
"It's my problem." Si Yehan didn't try to fight for himself and confessed his error instantly. 
Yi Lingjun nodded in gratification. "Provided that you're informed. You're great, but you still need to concentrate on a girl's reputation…" 
Si Yehan's voice softened immediately. "You're awaken." 
Yi Lingjun harrumphed. "You continue to keep in mind the effects? Regardless if you're in the interaction.h.i.+p with my woman, you still haven't wedded yet. What good actions is it to take the evening alongside one another?" 
Yi Lingjun nodded in pleasure. "Provided that you're mindful. You're high-quality, but you still need to pay attention to a girl's reputation…" 
"Mmm… so noisy…" 
In any case, Si Yehan seriously heard anything Yi Lingjun claimed and neither validated himself nor answered lower back. He even accepted his completely wrong of his very own volition, and by incorporating terms, he managed to break up over half Yi Lingjun's frustration. 
Wasn't this Director Si? 
"Mn…" The light voice lured Ye Wanwan to dreamland. 
 Conan Pastiche - The Flame Knife 
Seeing Ye Wanwan awoken through the disturbance, Si Yehan frowned and comfortingly patted her for the head. "It's not a thing, retain sleep." 
Wasn't this Director Si? 
Disbelief packed Ye Wanwan's facial area quickly. "What would you say? Sleep at night in separate areas? You've well-known me for so long would you feel I was vegetarian?" 
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Wasn't this Director Si? 
"Director Si, shouldn't you provide me a description for right now?" Yi Lingjun's expression was menacing. 
"You're extremely appropriate, Leader," Si Yehan agreed upon. 
 the heart of a smith 
Despite the fact that Ye Wanwan couldn't even wide open her eyeballs, she still accurately sensed Si Yehan's position and went toward him. 
"I want to discover where your wrong doing is placed," Yi Lingjun sternly demanded, similar to a parent-in-regulations screening his daughter-in-rules, his position stauncher than Ye Wanwan's actual dad, Nie Huaili. 
"Chief executive, for those who be sure to." 
Disbelief crammed Ye Wanwan's confront quickly. "What would you say? Slumber in different rooms? You've identified me for such a long time have you assume I became vegetarian?" 
"It's my wrong doing." Si Yehan didn't make an effort to fight for himself and accepted his mistake immediately. 
Si Yehan: "…" 
 The People of the Crater 
Wasn't this Director Si? 
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Si Yehan responded, "I should've deemed the influence over Wanwan." 
"Mn…" The mild voice lured Ye Wanwan straight back to dreamland. 
Wasn't this Director Si? 
"Baby…" The sight of Ye Wanwan hazily pattering downstairs was discovered promptly immediately after. 
"President, in case you remember to." 
Yi Lingjun was righteously lecturing his daughter-in-regulations seconds previously, but his face converted absolutely pure dark colored as he noticed his child. 
"Director, in the event you be sure to." 
Yi Lingjun looked at Ye Wanwan's careless actions and angrily glared at her before dismissing the housekeeper and going for walks towards the family area with Si Yehan. 
Just after Ye Wanwan stopped behind the sofa, Si Yehan made his brain and Ye Wanwan naturally curved down and smacked a kiss on his cheeks before whining, "You assured you should slumber with me. How can you function off halfway?" 
This att.i.tude designed Yi Lingjun cannot unleash also a tinge of his wrath. 
As Yi Lingjun performed his responsibility as a daddy and seriously lectured his potential future son-in-legislation, footsteps were listened to from upstairs. 
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This att.i.tude manufactured Yi Lingjun incapable of release also a tinge of his wrath. 
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Wasn't Eldest Skip too astounding? She originally thought Eldest Overlook was merely articulating affection for Director Si, but it surely experienced only been a few days still Eldest Overlook had already sketched him to her bed! 
"You're extremely right, Leader," Si Yehan agreed. 


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