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>>16166047, >>16166192, >>16166198 Twitter just unverified GAB, removes blue check mark
>>16166054, >>16166409 Masked, Shielded, and Quadruple-Vaxxed Maxine Watters, 83, Tests Positive for Covid-19 – Says She’s “Grateful to be Fully Vaccinated”
>>16166096, >>16164670 pb, >>16164779 pb, >>16166489  PF Reports: SAM007 USAF G5 east from a Peterson AFB ground stop and SAM962 USAF G5 also east from Eppley Field-both heading back to JBA-High Level French AF AC continues west-NOT Macron
>>16166104, >>16166182 Jim Watkins: SAY SOMETHING (Cap 0:29)
>>16166122 Solomon Islands govt claimed AFP and ADF didn’t ‘defend all assets’
>>16166123, >>16166303, >>16166258 Any interdasting theories floating around for why Truth Social would have used the "Apple device only" roll-out as a strategy?
>>16166142 U.S. Attorney Announces Charges Against A Doctor, Dentist, And Former NBA Player For Defrauding The NBA Players’ Health And Welfare Benefit Plan
>>16166144, >>16166538 Jack Posobiec: Biden will launch a Disinformation Governance Board under the authority of the Homeland Security Department 
>>16166482 BIDEN: "I got involved in politics because I think the greatest sin anyone can commit is the abuse of power." (Cap 0:24)
>>16166159, >>16166162, >>16166196 Federal court grants temporary res training order against the Biden Administration in Missouri, Louisiana, and Arizona's lawsuit over the suspension of Title 42
>>16166161 Elonmusk: For Twitter to deserve public trust, it must be politically neutral
>>16166172 Eugenics 
>>16166195, >>16166311, >>16166603, >>16166604 Nina "Skankowicz" Jankowicz confirmed Soros Stooge
>>16166205 Rep. Chip Roy Demands Answers From School District Over ‘Radical’ Segregation Experiment On 5th Graders
>>16166231, >>16166300 Gen Flynn: There is a “deep state” within Twitter that needs to be expunged! Screen shot Vijaya Gadde
>>16166250 Biden’s DHS secretary spreads more disinformation (Cap 0:14)
>>16166259 Biden to teachers: “They're not somebody else's children. They're yours when you're in the classroom." (Cap 0:15)
>>16166282 Gov. Kathy Hochul urges Legislature to remove accused crook Brian Benjamin from primary ballot
>>16166320 FAKE NEWS US gov’t organization predicts world will be in dire straits by 2040
>>16166343 Twitter's source code is locked down to make it harder for employees to make unauthorized changes to the platform (Cap 0:31)
>>16166355 FAKE NEWS U.S. no longer in ‘full-blown’ pandemic phase, Fauci says
>>16166392 Dear @elonmusk Will @twitter and @TwitterSupport  continue to persecute Q supporters with impunity
>>16166397, >>16166422, >>16166443, >>16166504 Department of Homeland Security Sets Up ‘Disinformation Governance Board’ to Fight ‘Misinformation’
>>16166406 Elon Musk: Attacks are coming thick and fast, primarily from the left, which is no surprise, however... ~80 in the middle
>>16166448 New York grand jury investigating Donald Trump is expected to expire Friday
>>16166390, >>16166416 Long Tweet thread from Gonzalo Lira
>>16166462, >>16166546 Cry Me A Woke River Gab: Elon Buys Twitter, Now What?
>>16166505, >>16166520 REVERSE IRON CURTAIN AROUND RUSSIA: U.S. Deep State and Klaus Schwab's little EU protectees have erected
>>16166541, >>16166543 CNN+ To Cease On Thursday, Two Days Earlier Than Announced
>>16166618, >>16166668  Denmark Becomes First Country To Suspend ALL COVID Vaccinations
>>16166620 Death Threats to Elon Musk
>>16166666 Even The Most Evil Among Us Can Be Saved By The Light
>>16166712 #20448

>>16165258 Tory frontbencher ‘caught watching porn in House of Commons’ as chief whip investigates-independent
>>16165268 Hospital CEOs & senior doctors, surgeons in US States, major US hospitals, what? What did you say? They were/are offered fake vaccine cards for NO vaccine? So no firing of you? If they say 'NO' jab?-palexander
>>16165287, >>16165365, >>16165313 DHS Chief Mayorkas Absurdly Claims, “We Have Effectively Managed” Biden’s Border Crisis – As Millions of Illegals Pour Over the Border-gatewaypundit + Drop #1249
>>16165347, >>16165378, >>16165347, >>16165378,>>16165441-psaki interactions with reporters during briefing today 
>>16165296 Building Confidence in the Supreme Court Through Ethics and Recusal Reforms-yt
>>16165318, >>16165348, >>16165924 Agent POS twat: Meet your new head of the Homeland Security Disinformation Governance Board, America + DHS Ministry of Information bun 
>>16165353 pf report 
>>16165355, >>16165369 US Makes Clear Its Aim Is to ‘Weaken’ Russia-consortiumnews April 25
>>16165361 British court rules UK government illegally moved elderly patients to care homes during start of COVID-19
>>16165410 @Breaking911: Elon notices that @NYtimes and @Forbes smell bad re: followers
>>16165435, >>16165647, >>16165666, >>16165689 Congresswoman Maxine Waters says she has tested positive for COVID:"I am grateful to be fully vaccinated and to have received two booster shots."-B911
>>16165440 Naftali Bennett: Israeli PM to pay for family's food after criticism-bbc
>>16165465 Biden tears up at funeral for Madeleine Albright-nypost
>>16165475 MSM hit piece: Donald Trump worried 'dangerous' fruits could be thrown at him by protesters, a new deposition reveals-msn
>>16165494 Pentagon Press Secretary John F. Kirby briefs the news media at the Pentagon. y/t
>>16165538 Sussman arrived at court today.  Durham not in court today- Both sides argued about dossier-courtlistener
>>16165543 Cora Faith Walker died of a heart condition, Medical Examiner says-msn
>>16165573, >>16165655, >>16165693, >>16165696 Agent POS twat:Biden Admin Department of Homeland Security to create a 'Disinformation Governance Board' dedicated to 'countering misinformation'
>>16165588 Goya Foods CEO Warns We’re on the Precipice of a Global Food Crisis-gatewaypundit
>>16165573 Hillbags Twat: I was honored to speak at @madeleine’s memorial service at the National Cathedral today. 
>>16165790, >>16165961, >>16165911 Musk Twat: For Twitter to deserve public trust, it must be politically neutral, which effectively means upsetting the far right and the far left equally
>>16165810, >>16165877 @ggreenwald:The Twitter official Musk criticized, in the mildest of tones, makes $17 million/year, as @neontaster says.
>>16165819 Mkt Fag: the relief 'rally' early but wait a minute in the NAS and muh BTFD kinda fizzled out dhere and lost it's mojo edition
>>16165827 Open-Source Research Shows Online Child Sex Trafficking and Other Criminal Activity Found on
>>16165834 Zara Phythian who starred in Doctor Strange with Benedict Cumberbatch 'and her husband had sex with 13-year-old girl and filmed most of the abuse in bid to recreate porn scenes'-dailymail
>>16165898, >>16165913 Durham accidentally releases Fusion GPS emails that were meant to be under seal-washexam April26
>>16166412 #20447

>>16164534 Kremlin responds to ‘gas blackmail’ claims by EU
>>16164535, >>16164565 Truth Social (terrible name) exists because Twitter censored free speech (#Trumpet)
>>16164594 Anon confirms access to twitter land re-active
>>16164607 Bill Hwang Arrested: Archegos Owner Charged With Racketeering, Securities And Wire Fraud
>>16164651 Creep busted after allegedly luring 80 children into making porn 
>>16164660 FCC was asked to block Musk-Twitter deal. The Commissioner said it has no authority to block 
>>16164677 Macron Pelted With Tomatoes in First Public Outing After Re-Election
>>16164687 4KEKS A “fictosexual” man who wed a fictional, computer-synthesized pop singer...
>>16164687 A “fictosexual” man who wed a fictional, computer-synthesized pop singer
>>16164692, >>16164931, >>16165025 Trumpet Bun 
>>16164698 mail suppressing Republican emails?
>>16164702 You guys remember @jack?
>>16164749 France suffers internet outages after fibre-optic cables across the country are sabotaged
>>16164759 Veritas - Full Twitter All-Hands Call 04-25-22
>>16164774 UK Govt Threatens to Ban Twitter And Potentially Jail Elon Musk If He Allows Free Speech?
>>16164817 Thank you Jim
>>16164819 In case you did not hear, Machine Gun Kelly & Megan Fox Drink Each Other’s Blood
>>16164822 Fertilizer giant CF Industries begs Biden to allow shipments for Spring planting, to prevent food shortages (#StartAGarden)
>>16164832 World Health Organization Is Preparing Vote To Strip The US, And 194 Other Nations, Of It’s Sovereignty?
>>16164848 Evidence of Election Fraud in French Presidential Elections
>>16164858, >>16164670, >>16164779, >>16165160 Plane Report
>>16164877, >>16164407 (LB) Anons Current list of Conspiracies
>>16164889 Dear Nato, (you) should know that our retaliatory strikes will be lightning fast #RUSSIA
>>16164942 Human Trafficking/ Child Exploitation Ring in California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation
>>16165004 Jerusalem rabbi arrested on suspicion of sex offenses against followers
>>16165011 Trump appeals NY judge’s contempt ruling
>>16165036 @SenSanders '...bail out banks that destroy the economy...'
>>16165076 McCarthy [is] a Democratic Party 'puppet' #VoteRinosOut
>>16165095 Brazil Arrests 58 in Massive Operation against Gang Members
>>16165106 Michigan Man Charged with Hate Crimes for Attempting to Intimidate Protesters from Supporting Black Lives Matter
>>16165158 Former Airman Enters Guilty Plea to Possessing More than 15,000 Child Sexual Assault Material Images
>>16165172 @DeptofDefense -> @SecDef: Ukraine’s valor and skill will go down in military history. The Battle of Iwo Jima took 36 days.
>>16165149 3 Mexican Mafia Members and 28 Associates Charged in Racketeering Indictment that Alleges Murders, Drug Trafficking and Gun Offenses
>>16165119 More than 700 Arrested in Joint Law Enforcement Operation in North Mississippi
>>16165217 NY court strikes down Democrats’ gerrymander of election districts
>>16165224 #20446

>>16163779, >>16164066, >>16164327, >>16164420 PF reports 
>>16164274, >>16164086, >>16164107, >>16164171, >>16164206 read these if you want to post PF reports-they need to be moar than an AC is "up"
>>16163746 Elon Musk boosts criticism of Twitter executives, prompting online attacks
>>16163753 Kansas State Senate Overrides Governor’s Veto on Transgender Sports Ban Bill
>>16163786, >>16163964, >>16163893, >>16163933Jim Watkins: new twitter acct 
>>16163791 Sean Davis comments on his growth of Twitter followers
>>16163910 Live: DHS Secretary Mayorkas faces questions on border policy
>>16163915, >>16163984 Musk on free speech and "what is legal"
>>16163942, >>16163980 From June 12 2020: Twitter hires former FBI lawyer James Baker to join legal team
>>16163948 State Assembly approves two-year pause on fossil fuel-powered crypto mining
>>16163948 NY State Assembly approves two-year pause on fossil fuel-powered crypto mining
>>16163969 Hello Mr Watkins You're all invited to come to Tonto Basin to hang out and have great pizza.
>>16163985,  >>16164209,  >>16164295 Marc Andreessen on how much covid relief was stolen - more than $900billion?
>>16163988  Anon on twitter appeal for restoring an acct suspension
>>16163993 Elon Musk Loses Bid To Throw Out 2018 SEC Consent Decree And Quash Recent SEC Subpoena
>>16164000, >>16164045, >>16164090, >>16164096, >>16164103, >>16164242 Adam Housely on names looked at by Durham, including Colin Kahl - DIG ANONS
>>16164071 Merits of the Iran Deal, Colin Kahl at Stimson
>>16164037, >>16164043, >>16164046 The Swamp today
>>16164026, >>16164076, >>16164283 Twitter acct followers up? Shadowbanning, a thing of the past? DIGG
>>16164082 Nancy Drew in DC-Video 1- Tunnel Action Near Supreme Court and Capitol
>>16164128 HERE WE GO: "Bird flu spreading from chickens to humans, all starting in China of course" - msn
>>16164133, >>16164139, >>16164147, >>16164181 Cali water levels map
>>16164190 REMINDER - Subpoenas Issued For Evidence in Georgia Ballot Trafficking Case
>>16164198 Federal agents arrest Archegos owner Bill Hwang and a former top lieutenant
>>16164199 Anon trying to drop redpills on FB
>>16164233 Plea deal offered to Quebec woman accused of sending poison to Donald Trump
>>16164248, >>16164343, >>16164353 Deutsche Bank whistleblower found dead in Los Angeles
>>16164257 Catholic Climate Covenant talk
>>16164236 What if Elon doesn't secure proper funding, and DWAC comes in to save the day? XD
>>16164274, >>16164086, >>16164107, >>16164171, >>16164206 pf instruction
>>16164311 Two Former Archegos Employees Are Cooperating With Government Probes
>>16164319 Flight that crashed and killed 66 people was caused by pilot’s cigarette, investigation finds
>>16164344 Trump appeals ruling holding him in contempt, fining him $10K per day
>>16164484 #20445

>>16162909 Twitter lawyer Jim Baker, when general counsel of the FBI, personally arranged a meeting between the FBI and Michael Sussmann. In this meeting, Sussmann presented fabricated evidence… 
>>16162977 @Militarylandnet - Launch of Russian cruise missiles from a Russian submarine #Ukraine #UkraineRussiaWar
>>16162989 Patriots In Control: US national Trevor Reed, sentenced to nine years' jail in Russia in 2020, has been exchanged for Russian pilot Konstantin Yaroshenko…
>>16163021 Twitter Admits It Hid Tweets About HBO's QAnon Docuseries
>>16163027 Bill Hwang Arrested: Archegos Owner Charged With Racketeering, Securities And Wire Fraud
>>16163040 Four European Gas Buyers Fold To Russian Demands, Pay For Gas In Rubles
>>16163042 An election report from Tennessee was recently issued by the EAC that stated that an erroneous code was found on Dominion software after being certified by the EAC
>>16163050 Text message makes case ‘materially’ worse for Clinton lawyer Michael Sussmann
>>16163087, >>16163502, >>16163540 Russia Ministry of Defense Website 'ER403 FORBIDDEN'
>>16163092 Reminder, (you) can report Twitter Accounts for misinformation
>>16163123 Side by Side is the way - FC vs CNN
>>16163124, >>16163201 Clocked and Loaded
>>16163034, >>16163246 Moar Clocking
>>16163134 Mysterious US Govt Contractor Alarmingly Spied On The CIA And NSA By Tracking Billions Of Phones
>>16163139 Macron attacked by tomato
>>16163143 Hillary lawyer Sussmann won’t try to prove tie between Trump and Russia 
>>16163152 @ScottAdamsSays confirms Media is suppressing HB laptop story
>>16163185, >>16163338, >>16163346, >>16163351 Virginia Thomas Text to Mark Meadows (VID)
>>16163205 Twitter's Top Lawyer Breaks Down In Tears During Musk Takeover Meeting
>>16163208 The Reawakened Tour: Ahoy! It's a Ship Show. TYJ
>>16163242, >>16163268 We got Grassley Clocking in
>>16163267 Elon Musk says suspending NY Post from Twitter was ‘incredibly inappropriate’ 
>>16163282 NEW TS@q Elon are you here now 0.0
>>16163309 Oversight of Federal Efforts to Combat Human Trafficking
>>16163342 Please sign this "Stand for Health Freedom" petition to push back on the World Health Org's proposed 2024 "global health treaty"
>>16163376 USGO Today, we welcome home Trevor Reed 
>>16163384 @USArmy Congratulations to Team #17  1st Lt. Eric Mattia & Capt. Alaimoana Paunga
>>16163389 TEMPLE OS (The Third Temple of God?)
>>16163394 Gov. DeSantis makes ballot harvesting a third-degree felony, bans ‘Zuckerbucks’
>>16163399 Iraq - Watch the water
>>16163408 @America1stLegal is partnering with the incredible @KenPaxtonTX in an emergency lawsuit to stop Biden’s plan to rescind Title 42
>>16163436 Anon has some excellent info - A small effort on facebook: 
>>16163413 @StephenM I, for one, am enraged by the sinister @elonmusk plot to allow ordinary citizens—many without PHDs, let alone NYT subscriptions
>>16163470 @ChuckGrassley Will the Twitter gods deliver & make Twitter a free speech haven???
>>16163507, >>16163519, >>16163520 According to their lie: your cow is Asymptomatic and needs to be destroyed (#Starve)
>>16163517 Robert Hunter Biden Dig
>>16163545 God bless Our chilldren and ALL chilldren, and ALL on the board. 
>>16163027, >>16163493 Bill Hwang Arrested: Archegos Owner Charged With Racketeering,
>>16163624 Biden Attends the Funeral of Secretary of State Madeleine Albright
>>16163654 #20444

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