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Hard cross between Gustavo Petro (General...

Hard cross between Gustavo Petro (General Zapateiro)
Gustavo Petro, presidential candidate has held a powerful social network connection between the candidate to the post of the president in the country under the Historic Pact as well as General Eduardo Enrique Zapateiro who is the Army commander. Petro posted a tweet stating that certain (generally-ranking) officers "are being paid by Clan." 
"While are killed at the hands of the Gulf Clan; some of the generals on the Clan payroll are also dead," Gustavo Petro stated. When politicians involved in drug trafficking become the. that they end up being a part of the generals," Gustavo Petro shared on social media. 
General Zapateiro's response 
The Army commander responded to this message and in six rounds questioned the presidential candidate. 
General Zapateiro declared, "There is no one more affected by the loss of a soldier than the camouflaged soldiers and their families, but their ultimate sacrifice to the country should not be used in political campaigns narratives." denied two homes in Cali. 
A senior officer also spoke up about the deaths of soldiers in recent years. "Since 2021 more than 500 soldiers have been killed and injured during the fulfillment of the mission and their sacrifice was not recognized, and there were no declarations. It's interesting that the loss of heroes of our country causes affliction and is used to signify other things." 
The commander of the army asked Gustavo Petro that if he is aware of any links between generals to groups not under the law, he should make a complaint to the authorities. 
petro gustavo . Don't use your oath, the inviolability of parliament to foretell the demise of our soldiers. Instead, you should perform your civic duty by submitting a substantiated grievance to the 
@FiscaliaCol you have mentioned the facts, whoever it may be"" the person who was mentioned as the general. 
He also added another trill. "I reminds you that as senators, you are part of a collective which you can't denounce as being 'drug trafficking politicians'. As an individual, it's essential that you do not just generalize. First and foremost, respect"" 
The most controversial message of the official in charge was the fact that Colombians were able to see the current president candidate receive money "in garbage bags". 
"I have not seen a general on TV receiving ill-gotten money. General Zapateiro said that Colombians have witnessed him receiving money in a trash bag. 
In a final message the official stated that the "oldest institution in this nation with members who are of both genders have unflinchingly stood up for democracy in our country for over 200 years, sometimes even sacrificing their lives for it, I expect respect." 


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