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Welcome to Munster GPS, the home of UK GPS tracking technology.  We supply both SIM GPS trackers and SIM free GPS trackers. The SIM free trackers are the latest in tracking technology and are fast becoming a favourite due to their plug and play operation and extended battery life up to 3 years.
There are many GPS tracker manufacturers around the world and many more suppliers. Our GPS Trackers have long battery life, built in shock sensors and accurate GPS positioning. They can be used on a person, vehicle or pet. The vehicle trackers when installed reduce your insurance premiums by as much as 40%.
Munster GPS UK  was started in January 2014.
The developer of the Business originally worked as a Design Engineer producing DC-DC converters which are used with GPS tracker products and had a particular interested in GPS navigation.
The developers personal story on how he was introduced to the world of GPS tracking after his dog went missing for several days. He finally found her but spent a long time browsing the internet for a solution and found it difficult to find something that was affordable and fit for purpose.
Also on another occasion while in a busy shopping centre a customers kids went missing. The kid was only missing for 1 or 2 minutes but it gave him enough of a fright to get back browsing for more information on GPS Trackers.
6 months were spent purchasing GPS tracker samples and testing them. Eventually coming up with a matrix outlining the pros and cons of each product taking into account the following:
•	GPS Sensitivity
•	Price
•	Battery Life
•	Technical Support
•	Quality
•	Compatibility
There is now list of products that we can safely say are affordable and fit for purpose. Please do not hesitate to contact Munster GPS with any questions you may have.

Where to purchase my Tracking Device
Purchasing a GPS tracker can be a daunting experience. There are so many tracker retailers 
out there from established office based retailers to the amateur seller on EBAY or Aliexpress. The amateur sellers on Ebay and Aliexpress will more than likely sell you a copy of the original tracker. These are much cheaper as they don’t have to go through the same rigorous tests such as CE conformity tests, Temperature testing, Vibration testing etc.
My advise when purchasing online from a retailer website are:
1. Make sure the retailer has a real office address.
2. Make sure the business has a phone number for support clearly advertised on the website. 
3. It is a bonus if the business is located in your own locality/country.
4. Check the ongoing charges after your initial purchase. If you purchase a GPS tracker without a SIM card you need to purchase one for £10 and add credit every month which would be a minimum of £10. This totals £130 per year every year thereafter on top of the purchase price.

SIM or SIM free
One of the most common questions I get asked is “what’s the difference between SIM and SIM free trackers”. 
For most applications I would recommend a SIM tracker as it uses the existing GSM network which reaches about 99% of the population.
Sim-Free trackers are useful when a long battery life is essential and tracker accuracy and position upload frequency aren’t so important. 

GPS Tracker Data SIM cards
You can purchase most off the shelf prepaid or Billed SIM cards and use them to operate a tracker. 
However you would need to change the tracker settings as per tracker instructions so it can recognize the new SIM card. This involves changing the APN to that of the new SIM card. Shelf SIM cards are becoming less expensive and if you are using the tracker for a short term application they will work just fine. However if you need a tracker to operate over several years it will become very expensive as it would cost in the region of £10 per month which quickly adds up.
When purchasing a tracker for a long term application ensure it has a data SIM installed. It shouldn’t cost anymore than £3 per month if a data SIM is used which significantly reduces your outgoings. A data SIM in a tracker uses in the region of 10mB per month.

What’s the best tracking device for a dog or cat
For dogs the first question I ask is if the tracker will be on the dog 24/7 or just for periods of the day. 
For a hunting dog the tracker would be on for normally a period of the day. i.e. Less than 12 hours. Because the battery life is not an issue over this amount of time I’d recommend the SIM tracker as it is very accurate with position updates as often as 30 seconds and with 99% coverage.
For a hunting Dog or Cat that requires a tracker to be attached 24/7 the SIM tracker is not an option as it would require daily recharging similar to a mobile phone. In my experience this is fine for a couple of weeks but you will become tired of constantly removing the tracker on a daily basis for recharging. Instead I would recommend a SIM-Free SIGFOX tracker. It is not as accurate as it doesn’t upload a new position as frequent as the SIM tracker and the coverage is not as good as the SIM GSM trackers but it has a far superior battery life that lasts weeks rather than hours. 

What’s the best GPS Tracker for a car
There are two types of trackers you can use for a car depending on your needs. 
First option is the OBD tracker. This is the simplest to use. You just locate the OBD port in your car (usually under the steering wheel) and plug it in. The OBD port looks like a SCART socket on the back of your TV. There is now wiring involved as the tracker is powered from the voltage on the OBD port.
Second option is a magnetic tracker that can be placed anywhere in the car. You stick it to a metal panel using the powerful tracker magnet. You can either work off the power from the inbuilt rechargeable battery or you can wire to the car voltage using a voltage reducer that normally comes with the tracker

Do trackers work abroad
A GPS tracker that uses a SIM card works throughout the world as long as the SIM card works. 
For a GPS tracker to operate it needs a Satellite signal and a GSM signal. The GSM signal is dependent on the provider associated with the SIM card in the tracker. Ensure you contact your SIM provider before going abroad to make sure it is data enabled for the country you are visiting. 
Satellite coverage is sufficient in most cases outdoors regardless of the country you visit. However the satellite signal will be attenuated while indoors. If you are near a window or if there is a light roof overhead you may receive a signal

What is the smallest GPS tracking device
I get asked quite often what is the smallest GPS tracker on the market.
Unfortunately there is a trade off between GPS tracker size and the length of time it will work between charges. Inside a GPS tracker you have a GSM chip with SIM card and associated circuitry, A GPS chip with associated circuitry and a battery with associated circuitry.
The battery is the largest component in the tracker by far taking up on average 80% of tracker space.
The smallest readily available tracker on the market is the size of a wrist watch. A tracker this size will work for a maximum of 12 hours between charges. If you want a tracker to last longer it needs to be physically larger to accommodate the battery power needed.
There are other trackers available that are even smaller than a wrist watch but to save power they do not have a GPS chip installed and instead use triangulation between transmitters which is only accurate down to +/- 1km
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