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>>16244833, >>16244813 2000 Mules - Full Documentary


>>16270284 PF report on SAM911 & possible Assange extradiction prep
>>16270286 Durham news
>>16270248, >>16270104, >>16270261, >>16270304, >>16270315, >>16270484, >>16270663 Twitter & Q predictions, MUSK twitter deal, cont.
>>16269953 Is fresh produce better than tinned & frozen fruit and veg? Not always, these 'experts' say
>>16269980, >>16270026 DC Metro officials are considering making some rail cars "mask only" (psy-op city)
>>16269982 Dr Strange Actress Zara Phythian  & her husband found guilty of child sex offences
>>16270034 CircleBack Jenny's last day - DANK KEKS
>>16270089 Pavlovian fear conditioning - some brains shutdown faster than others
>>16270096 DJTjr rt on how often Ryan votes in line w/Biden's position (100%)
>>16270100, >>16270067 More on death of Sheikh Khalifa bin Bayed Al Nahyan
>>16270115 Ohio SU may have died from drug OD re adderall pills laced with fentanyl: real vs fake pill image 
>>16270044, >>16270405, >>16270435, >>16270599, >>16270658, >>16270647 Clockfag: Elon tweets a :44 & more
>>16270122 True The Vote has RICO Ballot Trafficking Evidence
>>16270123 TX Natl Guard putting razor wire in the area /massive grp crossings into Eagle Pass, TX 
>>16270134, >>16270179 Poso: Are people seriously still falling for that edited video?
>>16270137, >>16270143, >>16270178, >>16270185 @realDonaldTrump stmts today
>>16270157 Former Accountant for College Admissions Scheme Sentenced
>>16270161 Tucson high school counselor accused of sexual misconduct with a 15-year-old student
>>16270175, >>16270490 SoftBank Group Corp. reported results that could be described as ghastly
>>16270187 North Korea’s Punggye-ri Nuclear Test Site
>>16270202 Anon: Belarusky Fren with Ukraine war Maps and intel
>>16270229, >>16270497, >>16270567 Kathy Barnatte & Oz, con't.
>>16270256 DJTjr: So we are at war? I assume with Russia?
>>16270257 Tesla puts India entry plan on hold after deadlock on tariffs
>>16270285 Anon: Rand Paul just proved a Q post
>>16270293 Stephen Miller on Tucker discussing $40B for Ukraine vs baby formula for USA
>>16270320 Who Funded the Mules?? Interview w/ True the Vote organizers
>>16270421 Bridgewater CEO David McCormick on "strength, partnerships, prosperity and deep humility" WEF on 2021
>>16270442, >>16270458 Chuck Ross on Disney takedown – DIG CALL
>>16270479, >>16270553, >>16270630 AussieAnon says USA can't be buying formula from China - here's why
>>16270504 PEDO Bun May 13 2022
>>16270510 How a century of political violence in Ukraine is linked to the atrocities of today – RT
>>16270524 US may have to suspend weapons shipments to Ukraine
>>16270549 Germany detects Hitler fans in its security ranks
>>16270608 Plant-based meat could "free up" most of the agricultural land used for livestock (for WHAT??)
>>16270704 #20581

>>16269734 PF Reports
>>16269164, >>16269328 Trans professor who was forced to resign from Virginia school for DEFENDING pedophiles, just got hired at the Johns Hopkins child sex abuse center
>>16269168 South Carolina Govenor Henry McMaster signs election reform bill
>>16269172, >>16269181, >>16269191, >>16269238, >>16269354 Clockfag 
>>16269183, >>16269590 Parag Agrawal panic?
>>16269206 Food Riots In Sri Lanka Turn Deadly As Protesters Beat Up Police, Burn Down Politicians' Houses
>>16269210 LA gas prices continue steady rise, cross the $5.90 mark again
>>16269230 Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell warns Americans they must expect 'SOME PAIN' 3 weeks after saying economy is very strong (video)
>>16269239 Jim Watkins warning: The U.S.[ DS, CIA FBI ] is looking for a reason to create a FALSE FLAG and bring in another new law that WILL cover Disinformation/domestic terrorism
>>16269250 Parents Uncover Documents Exposing Secret ‘Gender & Sexuality Alliance’ Club at Middle School
>>16269260, >>16269816  Kathy Barnette Denies Saying ‘Pedophilia is a Cornerstone of Islam’
>>16269261 Henry Kissinger: ‘We are now living in a totally new era’ (video)
>>16269264 Due to not receiving payment since May 6h, Russia will halt power supply to Finland on Saturday, May 14
>>16269274 Cooper is ordering the disclosure of non-privileged emails to Durham but precluding them from being used at trial, claiming Durham waited too long to move to compel
>>16269312 Partisan hack Lisa Monaco who was in on Trump-Russia Sham threatening to indict top Republicans including Trump
>>16269365 Dinesh D'Souza: I had a very nice conversation with @TuckerCarlson today. We have mended fences and are all good
 baker change
>>16269422, >>16269666, >>16269707 BIDEN finally addresses baby formula shortage, bringing it in from CHINA??
>>16269440 US runs out of weapons, replenishing stockpiles will take years
>>16269457 The Black Dahlia Murder’s lead singer Trevor Strnad has died aged 41
>>16269476 THIS is why Trump endorsed Dr. Oz
>>16269504 Biden Attempts to Slam Trump with a New Nickname, But Trump Embraces It
>>16269507 Zuckerberg testimony on data privacy before Senate committee | ABC News
>>16269528, >>16269559 Biden's attempt to reappropriate "MAGA" and "ultra MAGA" was the result of a six-month research effort by liberal groups.
>>16269541 British Pilgrims Society's Privy Council Warlord Sir Geoffrey E. Pattie
>>16269584 Louisiana Supreme Court Sides with Pastor Tony Spell – Agrees that COVID Orders Violated His Freedom of Religion 
>>16269599 Melania will be on Fox & Friends, Sunday morning
>>16269606 Gov. Newsom responds to potential Roe reversal with $125 million in ‘reproductive’ spending
>>16269615 Dems really do sincerely believe that Ukraine is the 51st state....
>>16269616 Trump doubles down on support for Dr. Oz, says pro-life candidate Kathy Barnette ‘cannot win’
>>16269626 Research Firm Behind ‘Steele Dossier’ Ordered to Turn Over Emails Tied to Clinton Campaign Lawyer
>>16269688 Tax professionals ‘horrified’ by IRS decision to destroy data on 30 million filers
>>16269723 Growing Number Of COVID-19 Deaths Among Vaccinated People: Federal Data
>>16269766 'Heartbreaking': Melania Trump blames 'leadership' for baby formula shortage
>>16269785 Robert McFarlane, Reagan national security advisor involved in Iran-Contra affair, dies
>>16269812 Army's whole team came into the field with American flags
>>16269845 Prominent Transgender Activist Touted by New York Times Arrested and Charged with 16 Felonies for Rape and Sexual Abuse of a Boy
>>16269886 Moon goes blood red this weekend: 'Eclipse for the Americas'
>>16269904 #20580

>>16268395 Moar Potato
>>16268350 Baker Change
>>16268351 Anon's Notable Bun
>>16268577 Russia CUTS electricity to Finland:
>>16268374 Potato Delivers Remarks on Public Safety
>>16268626 'Depraved' female paedophile is jailed for life
>>16268946 Queen has lost her ability to move - Zugzwang
>>16268991 Lunar Eclipse 5/16 00:11 ESTRN - /16 :11 - 11611 - 11911
>>16268358 The Right To Bear Memes @grandoldmemes Map break:
>>16268340 What to know about this weekend’s abortion rights protests
>>16268441 Hannity was silent on the audits and the election integrity fight.
>>16268385 China finds new evidence regarding US labs in Ukraine alarming
>>16268656 Pauline Hanson is calling for paedophiles to be chemically castrated 
>>16268581 Syria: Israel Fires Missiles on Central Town, Defense Systems Activated
>>16268437 Bill Gates knew. It is time to try him for crimes against the United States.
>>16268472 Today is :58 All posts made after 12/7 :58 was Las Vegas marker Also RED
>>16268334 Police rush procession, beat mourners at funeral for slain Al Jazeera journalist
>>16268740 @RandPaul My oath of office is to the U.S. Constitution, not to any foreign nation
>>16268615 Federal Reserve Chairman Jay Powell warns Americans they must expect 'SOME PAIN'
>>16268348 Russia pushes for UN investigation of military biological activities in Ukraine — envoy
>>16268388 Sussman ORDER RE: 119 NOTICE of Objections to Defendant's Proposed Trial Exhibits.
>>16268928 @TimesofIsrael US ‘deeply disturbed’ over images of Israeli police beating mourners; EU ‘appalled”
>>16268762 @JackPosobiec Per @Kristina_Wong - Army official stated that Kathy Barnette's MOS was 63S - MOS?
>>16268599 The best golf course in California, by far, is Trump National Los Angeles. - Pacific Ocean, Pebble Beach
>>16268850 Anon opine Roe V Wade should have NEVER been accepted by SCOTUS - It was a FEDERAL POWER GRAB
>>16268528 CEO Of Private Equity Fund Sentenced To 97 Months For $133 Million Bank And Securities Fraud Scheme
>>16268641 Mkt Fag: P-P-P-P-Pump let's makesurewe don't have to talk about declining mkts over the weekend-edition
>>16268433 41.5K people died within 21 days of Covid-19 Vaccination in England & a further 291K died within 6 months
>>16268376 Vote From Home: Pelosi Says House Democrats Don’t Have To Show Up to Work for 6 More Weeks - Go Vote
>>16268427 No foreign nationals should be allowed to be senators and get our intelligence briefings. - cough Schummer
>>16268871 Food Riots In Sri Lanka Turn Deadly As Protesters Beat Up Police, Burn Down Politicians' Houses - Dems Listening?
>>16268603 Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Texas Law Prohibiting Social Media Companies from Banning Users Based on Viewpoints
>>16268673 Miley Cyrus, Ariana Grande, and others join  Planned Parenthood in ad campaign promoting the right to kill unborn children
>>16268370 Twitter allows White House to make ‘clearly false’ claim that COVID vaccine wasn’t available until Biden era - Report for Misinformation
>>16268703 The Democrats are sending another $40 billion to Ukraine, yet America's parents are struggling to even feed their children. (formula s)
>>16269104 #20579

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