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Minecraft Briefly Got Raytracing On Xbox...

Minecraft Briefly Got Raytracing On Xbox Consoles - But It Was A Mistake IGN

 Microsoft seemed to have begun testing raytracing in Minecraft earlier this week however, it was an error. The feature has since been removed. 
 After the announcement of its inclusion, the feature was removed from the preview update for Xbox consoles. The update featured an raytracing preview for both Xbox Series X and Series S consoles, however, according to Microsoft the feature shouldn't have been introduced in the first place. 
 The company has confirmed that the previous Minecraft Preview build made available to Xbox Insiders inadvertently contained prototype code for raytracing support on Xbox consoles. "This preview code was a prototype for raytracing support for Xbox consoles has been removed. It doesn't indicate any near future plans to include raytracing support on these consoles." 
 The previous Minecraft Preview build available to Xbox Insiders inadvertently included prototype code for raytracing support on Xbox consoles. The code that was initially prototyped was removed from Preview and doesn't suggest any future plans to support raytracing on consoles. 
 It's true - just because they're testing it, doesn't mean Minecraft will see Raytracing on Xbox consoles anytime soon - even when Microsoft announced raytracing support two years ago. 
 Although Microsoft has since canceled the update and clarified that it won't be available on your Xbox consoles in the near future, it does mean that Microsoft is working on the feature. It could, in essence, be a possibility to Xbox consoles... eventually. 
 Raytracing is only available in Minecraft on Windows. It is enhanced by Nvidia’s DLSS upscaling to improve frame rates. This is an example of Minecraft with raytracing turned on and off. 
 Minecraft historians recently discovered a long-lost update. The Secret Saturday update (Alpha 1.1.1) was only available for 3 hours in 2010. 
 The enigmatic nature of the recent Raytracing Update has raised the question of whether Xbox users will ever be capable of saving the defunct Minecraft version. Or has auto-update rendered it obsolete? 
 You want to learn more about Minecraft? For the most basic information, as well as survival tips and tricks, check out our beginner's guide. 
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