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>>14819113 They are going to use the IRS to shut down any opposition to the Uniparty
>>14819137 Report: Shipping Containers from Stranded Ships Dumped in L.A. Neighborhoods
>>14819141 Fox’s Neil Cavuto off air after contracting Covid; vaccinated host heavily immunocompromised
>>14819148 FBI Raids DC Home of Oleg Deripaska
>>14819172 Nets Skip Parents Suing AG for 'Terrorism' Smear, NBC Rails Against Anti-CRT Law in TX
>>14819183 AUDIT UTAH: Patriots Organize Rally For a Full Forensic Audit At Committee Meeting WEDNESDAY AT UTAH CAPITOL!
>>14819198 Records Suggest Loudoun Sent Team Of Police To Deal With ‘Upset Parent,’ Not Alleged Rape Of Student
>>14819208 has realPOTUS created the perfect storm
>>14819210 one of Facebook‘s fact checkers about Covid disinformation is funded by Johnson and Johnson.
>>14819218 Newark schools face complaints about ‘horrible’ meals amid food, labor shortages
>>14819224 Mayor de Blasio to announce COVID-19 vaccine mandate for all city workers
>>14819199 The US Government Trying To Cover Up Their Corruption Against President Trump
>>14819239 Sumpin goin on out yonder off the East coast.  Heavy helo and jet traffic.
>>14819244 LEAKED AUDIO: DOJ official on WH call says many federal worker religious exemptions on abortion testing are ‘not sincere’
>>14819304, >>14819305, >>14819577 PF
>>14819334 The Fauci/COVID-19 Dossier (210 pgs)
>>14819336 drip - FLOOD Qmapped
>>14819363 NJ gov. changes state law so nurses, other medical professionals can perform abortions
>>14819366, >>14819372, >>14819374 Caps/memes
>>14819285 Note the last side effect (Sudden Death), at least Ireland is being honest.
>>14819403 Fauci lied, people died
>>14819408, >>14819468 Any Planefags out there?
>>14819419, >>14819423 Does 10/28 = 11.11 ?
>>14819426 US army: Light discipline
>>14819439 God bless you and keep you from harm, this day and forever.
>>14819458 America Marks 240th Anniversary of Victory That Won Our Freedom
>>14819485 Britain's Queen Elizabeth accepts medical advice to rest for a few days
>>14819489 Texas Sheriff Will Deputize Local Citizens to Fight Border Crisis, Plans to Build Fence Around County
>>14819497 ​Child Pornography Arrest Rocks House Of Representatives - 10 Felony Charges Filed
>>14819505 Vladimir Putin Orders Week-Long Paid Holiday As Covid Cases Soar In Russia
>>14819516 Netflix Normalizes Violence Against the Unvaccinated
>>14819548 CDC Dr. Rochelle Walensky says that even if kids get vaccinated (per FDA approval) schools should still have mask mandates
>>14819550 Coming up on a1 yr DELTA
>>14819529 Senate Democrats’ Bill Shifts Border Patrol Funds to Remove Border Wall
>>14819565 Remember When: Jeffrey Epstein Makes Stunning Claim During Interview With Steve Bannon
>>14819593 Judge Rejects Florida Husband's Attempt to Force Hospital to Use Ivermectin to Treat COVID
>>14819594 A revived Obama program to allow more migrants under the age of 21 to come to the U.S (DONOTCOMEHERE)
>>14819612 White House unveils plan to "quickly" vaccinate kids ages 5-11
>>14819646 New footage shows the moment Mount Aso erupted in Japan
>>14819721 Seattle firefighters and Seattle police officers that were fired for not complying with the vaccine mandate are feeding the homeless.'
>>14819761 LIVE: Nicholas Cruz Hearing

'''#18745''' >>14818303 TBC

>>14817536 Thass right.. go be vaccinated over there… & don't fucking touch me now that you vaccinated either.(Cap 1:00)
>>14817548 In-N-Out Burger: ‘We Refuse to Become the Vaccination Police’
>>14817561 Dems are doing devil’s work Faith based bias (Cap 1:02)
>>14817573 Louisiana AG Jeff Landry to JP Morgan: No State Business if Your Policies Restrict 2A
>>14817582, >>14817725, >>14817686, >>14817815, >>14817683 Russia  Russia  Russia Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine commms
>>14817583 Australia  Dan Andrews Forced To Reveal Health Advice The Victorian Government Loses Fight To Maintain Secrecy.
>>14817591 Canadian MPs subject to new House of Commons vaccine mandate
>>14817600 Biden Administration Is Holding All Shipments. Turning Away Empty Truck Drivers. It’S All About Controlling Our Food, Clothing And Other Necessities (Cap 0:15)
>>14817602, >>14817769, >>14817841, >>14817868, >>14817886,  Iran Contra Cover Up Network
>>14817724, >>14818241, >>14817904, >>14816899 lb , >>14816948 lb, >>14816982 lb, >>14816964 lb, >>14817330 lb,  Rachel Levine swore on a clipboard that shim be the gayest admiral ever
>>14817654 A Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggests the Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome
>>14817733 Mike Pompeo @mikepompeo The Biden Administration chose politics over people  when they got rid of the Remain in Mexico policy
>>14817790, >>14817840 Adam Schiff Shilling January 6 Big Lie
>>14817796, >>14817839,  >>14817987, >>14817991, >>14817820, >>14817933, >>14818124, >>14818148, >>14812341 pb , >>14812630 pb, >>14812672 pb, >>14812674 pb, Ukraine Ukraine Ukraine: Vindman Vindman Vindman
>>14817808 Nebraska Attorney General issues legal opinion and gives the green light for Nebraska doctors to prescribe Ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine for COVID-19
>>14817847 Ask Eric Holder how scary Contempt of Congress is
>>14817883 Brazilian lawmakers to recommend HOMICIDE charges for President Bolsonaro over handling of Covid-19
>>14817968 Mount Aso erupts in southern Japan (Cap 1:13)
>>14818174 Election integrity is comprised of two main components.
>>14818191 These People Are Sick And Brag About It. They Want To Control Us All
>>14818193, >>14818239 #DefundTheFed
>>14818222 Facebook Inc is planning to #rebrand the company with a new name next week
>>14818224 Gen Flynn: 95 years old Queen Elizabeth without mask in crowded room.
>>14818234 Gen Flynn, I don’t like sharing things people send to me via Twitter but this is too important for you all not to view. Pfizer… (Cap 0:55)
>>14818285, >>14818299 Planefag checking in
>>14818307 #18744

>>14816738 Australian Premier Promises to Keep Unvaccinated People Locked Out of Economy into 2022, And Warns Vaccinated Citizens They Too Will Be Locked Down if They Attempt to Avoid Booster Shots
>>14816746 Orange County Battalion Chief terminated for refusing to issue discipline to employees that were on a “non vax compliance” list given to him by his superiors
>>14816758 House committee votes on Steve Bannon contempt report 9 Aye - 0 No Bannon Motion agreed to
>>14816807 Kidnappers demand $17 million ransom for release of American and Canadian hostages in Haiti
>>14816808 Facebook Censors Jimmy's Video While Confirming It
>>14816881 Definitely not the eulogy you want to receive from the Greatest POTUS of all time on your way out, Colin Powell
>>14816887 Leaked Contracts Reveal Pfizer Used its Power to “Shift Risk and Maximize Profits” in Negotiations with Governments
>>14816899, >>14816948, >>14816982, >>14816964, >>14817330 Another Armed Services Disgrace: Dr. Levine became the first openly transgender person Levine, took the oath on a clipboard
>>14816945, >>14817286 TikTok Threatens To Censor "Let's Go Brandon" Song For "Harassment And Bullying"
>>14816994 Trumps Latest Interview With Bill O'reilly From The 18th Oct
>>14817045 Pierre Kory I am now an expert witness (pro bono) in a big lawsuit against a large pharmacy chain
>>14817136, >>14817345, >>14817225 What Are They Hiding? OSHA
>>14817172 In-N-Out Burger: ‘We Refuse to Become the Vaccination Police’
>>14817218, >>14817420 Statement by Donald J. Trump: Republican Congressman from Nebraska just got indicted, Is there no justice in our Country?
>>14817218, >>14817230, >>14817255 DECODED into all the words...
>>14817296 COUP CORRUPTION: McCabe FBI Memo Describes COUP Plot Against Trump (13:04)
>>14817304 Federal regulators are expected to authorize the mixing and matching of COVID-19 booster shots, just imagine all the horrific mutated side effects to come
>>14817365 24 attorneys general are planning to sue the Biden administration over vaccine mandates
>>14817343 2 days ahead of schedule Colin Powell
>>14817479 #18743

>>14815984 Dr. Stella Immanuel: Vaccinated Must Medicate With Hydroxychloroquine, Vitamins To Survive Winter Wild Virus
>>14815986 Look who’s talking! Christopher Steele shows up on ABC News documentary
>>14816033 Colorado Governor Says Kids Should Lie And Get COVID Vaccine Without Parents Knowing
>>14816074 Pfizer whistleblower Karen Kingston describes new patents for systems to "prioritize" who gets the jab
>>14816127 Seattle Police Fired Over the Vaccine Mandate Are Out Feeding the Homeless and Poor
>>14816164 Maryland Nuclear Engineer and his wife indicted on national security charges
>>14816208 Federal grand jury indictment charges U.S. Rep. Jeff Fortenberry
>>14816245 Fox News' Neil Cavuto tests positive for breakthrough COVID-19 case
>>14816403 This guy says he wants the unvaxxed people held down and jabbed
>>14816419 In Italy live webcams stream is manipulated to show empty streets when in reality there are thousands of people protesting.
>>14816429 Democrat Maxine Waters Paid Her Daughter $81,000 in Campaign Funds During Fiscal Year 2021 – Bringing Grand Total to $1.2 Million Paid Since 2003
>>14816433 Arizona State Senator Wendy Rogers: “WE WANT ARRESTS MADE” – UPDATE: 146 Legislators Sign “Audit 50 States Letter”
>>14816457 Former Security Services Executives Plead Guilty to Rigging Bids for Department of Defense Security Contracts
>>14816481 Federal grand jury issues indictment for Rep. Jeff Fortenberry
>>14816512 Bill Binney
>>14816576 Statement by Donald J. Trump: Well, it’s finally happened. The late, great Thomas Jefferson
>>14816599 Statement by Donald J. Trump:The fake, highly partisan Unselect Committee continues to rock and roll.
>>14816601 Statement by Donald J. Trump: Wonderful to see Colin Powell
>>14816607, >>14816664 Statement by Donald J. Trump: General Keith Kellogg has written a sweeping and powerful account of the Trump Presidency
>>14816617 IT'S HAPPENING Well, it's finally happened...
>>14816638 Political nonprofit fundraising off breast cancer has deep ties to scam PAC networks
>>14816720 #18742

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>>14588182 Q Research Notables #9
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