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>>17596598 US to announce new $1.1 bln arms package to Ukraine, includes HIMARS
>>17596600 The Economist warned that Europe is becoming more dependent on Russia while its own reserves decline
>>17596619 September 4th, 2022: U.S. Navy amphibious assault ship USS Kearsarge is taking part in international training in the Baltic Sea amid Russia’s war in Ukraine and tensions in the region.
>>17596625 Anon opines: Are (you) part of the 1% who can handle 100% of the Truth?
>>17596636 The Post Millennial: Trump calls for peace, offers to broker deal between US, Russia, and Ukraine to end war
>>17596638, >>17596649 The Possibility of Internet Cables in the Baltic Sea also being damage?
>>17596644 heartland-actor-robert-cormier-dies-at-age-33
>>17596661 Canadian Province Refuses To Participate in Trudeau’s Federal Gun Confiscation
>>17596667 Unidentified flying saucer crashes into US government aviation logo
>>17596675 Haberman: Trump Prank Called Me
>>17596692 Also Haberman: Trump nearly fired Jared and Ivanka
>>17596695 The rumored Mr. Zumwalt is making his first port call at our base.
>>17596705 Hawley: ‘To Those Folks at the FBI and DOJ – Preserve Your Documents’
>>17596709 Tomorrow we say farewell to USS Port Royal
>>17596742 @NAVSOUS4THFLT has ordered all ships and aircraft to make preparations for Hurricane Ian’s expected arrival. 
>>17596746, >>17596600, >>17596732, >>17596783, >>17596789 Jun 14 2021: The State Department labels Nord Stream 2 executives as 'foreign persons'
>>17596799 NASA Astronomy Picture of the Day Sep 28 2022
>>17596801 Xi Jinping gets a third term
>>17596806 Farage: Liz Truss is ‘Betraying Brexit’ with Pro-Immigration Push
>>17596834 US Rep. Pete Sessions claims he didn't know he met with Azov militants
>>17596842 EU vows to act if energy lines hit as firms ramp up security
>>17596861 NATO member wants ‘devastating’ retaliation against Russia
>>17596880 #OTD in 1991, USS Asheville (SSN 758) is commissioned during a ceremony at Newport News, Va
>>17596891 US, EU condone their own 'economic suicide' through sanctions: Maduro
>>17596895, >>17596922, >>17596933 Missiles launched from Sunan area of Pyongyang, NK capital, between 6:10 and 6:20 p.m. 0910-0920 GMT, SK Joint Chiefs of Staff said.
>>17596959 Yuan and ruble to replace dollar in Pakistan: Pakistani official
>>17596968, >>17596985, >>17596989 West is pushing Kiev to move military ops inside Russia, Rudakov
>>17596923, >>17596986 Mr. Grenell: Biden and the Democrats dropped the sanctions that Trump had on the Russian Nord Stream 2 pipeline. 
>>17596940 #OTD 1948, the Vought Cutlass flew for the first time.
>>17597068 The Last Great Bubble is faith in central banks.
>>17597069 >Save America Rally in Warren, MI
>>17597057, >>17597082 Active shooter St Vincent Hospital Arkansas
>>17597090 Live Stream with Chloe Cole - Viva Frei Live!
>>17597133, >>17597138, >>17597153 David Lee Hamblin, age 66, has been arrested in relation to an investigation involving ritualistic child sexual abuse.
>>17597136 The people of Donbass and southern Ukraine exercised their legal right to self-determination in accordance with the UN Charter
>>17597140 US denies 'preposterous' claim they 'sabotaged' Nord Stream 2
>>17597160 Monkeypox: Unvaccinated 14 Times More Likely To Contract Disease Than Those Without Shot, CDC Says
>>17597171 Barack Obama and Michelle Robinson met at the law firm Sidley Austin, where Robinson was assigned to be his mentor.
>>17597176 USAID Was Awarded Millions for Humanitarian Assistance to Immigrants
>>17597185 Massive Fire in China Destroys Office Tower of  China's Largest Domestic Mobile Provider
>>17597209 They are literally running every story from Haberman book as fact
>>17597214 Democrat Governor Gavin Newsom Signs 12 Abortion Laws that Intentionally Contravene Other States’ Laws
>>17597264, >>17597226, >>17597216, HRC tweet: Earth, Wind, and Fire
>>17597237 Census Mistakes Overwhelmingly Benefit Democrats
>>17597252 India Flips COVID Contact Tracing App into WEF-Style ‘Sophisticated Surveillance System’.
>>17597327 #21575

>>17595821 Joe Biden said that Nord Stream would be finished if Russia invaded Ukraine…
>>17595822, >>17595824, >>17595856 PDJT Truth Storm Continues
>>17595931 Homeland Security executes search warrant in Montezuma
>>17595928 Prince Mohammed bin Salman named prime minister
>>17595967 Eli Rosenbaum... will testify at the Senate Judiciary Committee’s Hearing on Accountability for War Crimes & Crimes Against Humanity
>>17595979 Ex-Guinea military ruler goes on trial for 2009 stadium massacre
>>17595990 Chinese property developers slump 87% in the first half of 2022—and it’s possible the housing market still hasn’t ‘bottomed out’
>>17596008, >>17596038, >>17596144, >>17596266 Hurricane Ian Updates
>>17596010 Mr. Grenell: Watching Biden flounder on Iran and Russia is scary. 
>>17596036, >>17596042, >>17596039, >>17596191, >>17596201, >>17596215, >>17596251, >>17596226, >>17596467, >>17596497 Pipeline Bun: Russia to request UN Security Council meeting over Nord Stream pipeline damage; anons opine. 
>>17596464 Victoria Nuland Flashback: “If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another, Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.”
>>17596056 Former President Trump said negotiations are needed immediately and the "entire world is at stake."
>>17596094 Republican Tiffany Smiley gaining on Democrat Patty Murray
>>17596142 'Tater Delivers Remarks at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health
>>17596145, >>17596088 Iran protests: Death toll rises to 76 as crackdown intensifies - rights group
>>17596147 BREAKING: State Department advises Americans to leave Russia immediately
>>17596154 IMF Deputy Managing Director Sayeh Statement
>>17596166, >>17596209 Calling for eyes on: Boatfags are tracking
>>17596182 Donald Trump Jr. Omg #bringbackmasks is currently trending on twitter. 
>>17596297, >>17595911, >>17596335, >>17596377, >>17596422, >>17596460, >>17596456, >>17596468, 17596536 Comms and Pipelines
>>17596305 From 2021.  PR Firm in New York hired by the Ukranians.  
>>17596306 @2dMarDiv: It's a bird! It's a plane! It's a TOW missile!
>>17596313 Papi with the keks
>>17596318 Biden walks on stage, points at a random audience member and yells, "Don't jump"
>>17596404 WIRED: Article saying how weak underwater pipelines are and the use of sabotage in previous WW
>>17596435 Top Russian senator comments on consequences for those who left during mobilization
>>17596442 Meta deletes 1600 accounts allegedly linked to Russian propaganda
>>17596466 2M face housing challenges amid US budget cuts
>>17596472 Putin’s words must be taken seriously – Merkel
>>17596479 'Bidenomics' causes fall of WH Cabinet, Yellen to potentially depart
>>17596553 #21574

>>17595221, >>17595341 Nord Stream I & II have been SABOTAGED 2 large Seismic BOOMS and 5 different oceanic locations spewing gas (7:39) The only country that benefits is the USA.
>>17595330, >>17595398, >>17595655,  >>17595420, >>17595498, >>17595664 Donald J. Trump: Nord Stream I & II Pipelines out of Russia has been SABOTAGED. This could lead to major escalation, or War! 1776
>>17595376, >>17595380, >>17595651, >>17595387, >>17595392, >>17595407, >>17595417 Donald J. Trump: U.S. “Leadership” should remain “cool, calm, and dry” on the SABOTAGE of the Nord Stream Pipelines... The entire World is at stake. I will head up group???
>>17595050, >>17595052, >>17595081, >>17595370, >>17595205, >>17595343, >>17595336, >>17595406, >>17595444, >>17595654 Nord Stream memes
>>17595452, >>17595472 Russians not only know that the USA sabotaged the two natural gas pipelines to Germany, but they know which US Navy ship was responsible: USS Kearsarge was 30 km Nord Stream-1 gas pipeline and 50 km Nord Stream-2 gas pipeline
>>17595001, >>17595035, >>17595036 Trump retruths 'Our Movement' video: We are an existential threat to their way of life (5:48)
>>17595640 Tucker Suggests Biden Regime and US Behind Terror Attacks on Nord Stream Pipeline
>>17594998 Sen. Cruz: How come Ray Epps disappeared from the list? (Cap 0:59)
>>17595099, >>17595108 In other words, "make war by deception" works for more than just one country
>>17595125, >>17595126, >>17595139, >>17595143 Russia Cuts Off Remaining Gas Supplies To Europe Through Ukraine
>>17595130, >>17595134 Virgin Atlantic updates gender identity policy
>>17595192, >>17595203, >>17595208 Hurricane Ian reaches Category 4 as it bears down on Florida and will make landfall TODAY
>>17595078, >>17595080 American Thinker:  American Blacks and the Wawa Mob in Philly
>>17595115 ZH: 115 Provocative maneuvers between US/China Warships, dramatic increase after Pelosi visit to Taiwan
>>17595286, >>17595280 Biden: If you are in a state where hurricanes often strike... getting stabbed in the arm with poison helps? (Cap 0:21)
>>17595377, >>17595274 U.S. citizens should not travel to Russia and those residing or traveling in Russia should depart Russia immediately while limited commercial travel options remain.
>>17595281, >>17595312, >>17595333 Don Lemon tries to blame Hurricane Ian on climate change, NOAA's hurricane director shuts him down
>>17595249 1967 Myron C. Fagan: Lecture On The Illuminati And The CFR
>>17595268 Rachael Mitchell on Maricopa county on abortions (Cap 1:36)
>>17595459 PF Report Hercules chad's flying through the hurricane lol.
>>17595558 PF Report Another Weather Hercules WC-130 out near the Hurricane
>>17595466 Hurricane #Ian is now up to 155mph sustained winds almost Cat 5
>>17595491, >>17595496 Uranium 1 [sale of US uranium to Russia] Q posts
>>17595588 Trump is hinting that THE STORM is coming :D
>>17595618, >>17595624, >>17595631, >>17595637, >>17595644, >>17595648, >>17595660, >>17595662 The Swamp Today Timelines Change
>>17595659, >>17595663  Cutting the Internet right before the election, what would be the result of that happening? 
>>17595665 J&J to name its consumer health company 'Kenvue' after spin off
>>17595715 FBI had 5 informants with Oath Keepers, none provided evidence of guilt
>>17595718 FAKE NEWS Bill Gates Says CIVIL WAR Is Coming, Election Will Be HUNG
>>17595719 JIM LIVE
>>17595769 #21573

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>>17593309 #21570, >>17594118 #21571, >>17594992 #21572
>>17590965 #21567, >>17591748 #21568, >>17592548 #21569
>>17588610 #21564, >>17589371 #21565, >>17590145 #21566
>>17586282 #21561, >>17586992 #21562, >>17587801 #21563

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