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>>17755053 CO: Griswold Explains Why The State's Votes Won't Be Fully Counted Until Next Week
>>17755055 Survivor Winner Bick Wilson From The Jungle To KY Legislature …Wins Midterm Election
>>17755073 Australian white supremacist who murdered 51 Muslim worshippers at two mosques in Christchurch in 2019 has appealed 
>>17755078, >>17755228 Republicans Cast 6 Million More Ballots Than Democrats
>>17755082 Grose's 1785 "Dictionary of the Vulgar Tongue" has "RABBIT CATCHER. A midwife."
>>17755094, >>17755231 Blake Masters just called for removing Mitch McConnell as Republican Senate leader.
>>17755097 SAM626 G5 west from Shannon Ireland-been here since departing JBA last night
>>17755105, >>17755113 Gregg Phillips Explains Why He and Catherine Engelbrecht Were Sent to Prison
>>17755119 Webb Offers Never-Before-Seen Details of Early Universe
>>17755131 NEVADA: ACLU Misses Filing Deadline – Will Not Be Able to Stop Nye County Hand Ballot Counting Until At Least Monday
>>17755138, >>17755255 45 will not testify 1/6   It's Over
>>17755142 Beneath the Night Sky in a Galaxy (Not Too) Far Away
>>17755143 When these people support DeSantis24. Alarm bells should go off.
>>17755144 CDC Asked to Provide Data on COVID-19 Vaccination Status of Children Diagnosed with RSV
>>17755145 Best Documentary on Fed Cartel
>>17755152 Breaking the Spell with : Russell-Jay: Gould. and Josh Reid
>>17755164 CBDCs —  the acronym for Central Bank Digital Currencies
>>17755169, >>17755209 Republican Joe Lombardo has won the race for governor in Nevada
>>17755173 ESO (European Southern Observatory) images a wondrous star factory to mark 60 years of collaboration
>>17755175 Qlock JUSTICE
>>17755177 Britain falls silent to honour the millions of war dead on Armistice Day
>>17755182 Biden Extends ‘Temporary’ Amnesty to 305K Foreign Nationals in U.S.
>>17755201 PF INDO-PAC Update: Trudope and Janet Yellen head to  Phnom Penh, Cambodia ASEAN summit-Potato scheduled to arrive about 30m ago but AC is still shown en route to Egypt 
>>17755205 AOC fears for life???
>>17755212 Disney to Begin Layoffs, Targeted Hiring Freeze and Limiting Travel
>>17755221 Wales: Sex offender dies from ‘shock and haemorrhaging’ after genitals cut off
>>17755224 Clark County still has about 50,000 more ballots that need to be counted as of Friday morning
>>17755239 AG Garland Reigns in Rogue Prosecutors After Losing Claim That Project Veritas Are Not Journalists
>>17755251 Maricopa County Election Judge Is Threatened by Supervisors After Speaking Out About Tabulation Errors
>>17755303 #21758

>>17754941 AZ election expert Gina Swoboda: 4 out of 4 ballots have not been tabulated from the August primary mp4
>>17754945 Wickedness is a Strange Malady
>>17754946 CNN Op Ed "Voters sent Joe Biden a clear message on Tuesday. Can he just ignore it?" 
>>17754947, >>17754991, >>17755006 moar on FTX and Sam Bankman Fraud: Crypto Billionaire And Dem Donor’s $16B Billion Fortune Evaporated In A Matter Of Days
>>17754948 Top Border Official Being Forced Out amid Long-Running Migrant Crisis
>>17754949 Election Livestream Go Dark At Vote Counting Facility In Key Nevada County- But Another Really Strange Coincidence Happened Last Night At This County
>>17754950 Dirtbag Paul Ryan Says President Trump “A Drag on the Party” – Meaning the Rove-Bush-Cheney-Ryan Party?
>>17754953 Welcome to $8chan "November 9, it became possible to buy, for $8 a month, a blue checkmark for your Twitter account"
>>17754955 Sheriff says unidentified individual posed as federal agent trying to access accused Pelosi attacker-Unclear what happened to unidentified individual.
>>17754956 U.S. Department of Homeland Security "censorship network" reportedly targeted 22 million tweets, used 120 speech flaggers, scrubbed 15 platforms, and throttled dozens of "emerging election narratives" using a chat app.
>>17754957 Biden says he is determined to make "transformational changes," then a strange sound briefly interrupts his speech at the COP27 "climate summit" in Egypt.
>>17754960 Woke Portland City Council commissioner admits defeat
>>17754962 Support for storing your ID in Apple Wallet finally expands to another US state Nov 9
>>17754963 @WendyRogersAZ "I have been appointed as Chair of the Arizona Senate’s Election Committee. Arizona WILL NOW get its house in order with Governor @KariLake to ratify Election Integrity bills via Special Session come January 2023"
>>17754965 @marcorubio US Senate candidate, FL The Senate GOP leadership vote next week should be postponed
>>17754966 @KariLakeWarRoom Bombshell information coming soon
>>17754967 Media elite will try everything to stop citizen journalism.
>>17754968 Mkt Fag, Godzilla and Mecha-Godzilla present: The Gold Act of 1900 and the Market Crash of 1907-setting the stage for the creation of the Federal Reserve
>>17754969 Lara Logan isn’t turning on DJT - “Trump’s job was always to expose the enemy within.” 🎯
>>17754971 Kash thinks there’s no question Ron DeSantis will run against Trump: “I think you will 1,000% see a Ron DeSantis presidential campaign take on a Donald Trump candidacy in the coming months.”
>>17754972 For starters….Elon edited his #GameOver (Anons understand) tweet - so I guess editing tweets is now a thing.-Edited version on the left, original on the right.
>>17754973, >>17754974 DS Twat posts 'Game Over' GoT memeage
>>17754975 @MarkMeadows "Wow" RepMikeTurner"Mr. Sondland, let's be clear: no one on this planet—not Donald Trump, Rudy Guiliani, Mick Mulvaney, Mike Pompeo—no one told you aid was tied to political investigations, is that correct." Gordon Sondland: "That's correct."
>>17754979 Brazil's VP Calls on 'Patriots' to 'Courageously Resist' Communist takeover
>>17754980 ACLU Misses Filing Deadline – Will Not Be Able to Stop Nye County Hand Ballot Counting Until At Least Monday
>>17754981 Project Veritas: Democrat New York Election Inspector Deceives Voting System to Secure Official Republican Position at Polling Location
>>17754983 Republicans Inch Closer to Majority as Navy SEAL Former Trump Official Wins Hotly Contested Seat
>>17754984 Republican Gets It Done: Becomes Only Candidate to Oust US House Incumbent in New Jersey
>>17754986 🚨Did Epstein's Island truly shut down, or did it just move? There's a lot of weird shit that is slowly coming out in the fallout of #FTX going bankrupt…
>>17754987 UN Climate Change Conference (COP27) - Former Bank of England Senior Advisor Michael Sheren says, “Carbon is going to be very close to a currency.” ProTip: tried it…failed before
>>17754988 Damn, Ye really out here talking bout Hollywood sacrifices
>>17754989 You mean to tell me in a state like Texas, which is 10x BIGGER, and has a TON more voters living in it is able to get ALL votes counted in ONE DAY…Yet, in AZ & NV, both of which are easily HALF the size it takes DAYS?!?!?!?
>>17754990, >>17754997  The Biden administration is extending the COVID-19 "public health emergency" until at least April.
>>17754992 Dem Candidate Gets Called Out by His Own Father for Lying About Military Service: ‘has only disdain for the military’
>>17754993 Former Sheriff of Maricopa County: "I have full confidence that Lake and the others will pull it out. It's very dirty out there. I'm not gonna worry about myself and the cartels going after me. I can handle it. She can handle it.. She has the courage to speak out. I'm very proud of (Kari). 
>>17754996 JW Message " Hi guys, so we are under tremendous attack right now. I am sorry for the inconvenience that this causes you. …I want to explain about Proto a little more."
>>17755002 Judicial Watch received 345 pages of records from DTRA, a component of the DOD, revealing that the United States funded anthrax laboratory activities in a Ukrainian biolab in 2018.
>>17755007  Proud papa Donald Trump sets politics aside to escort his daughter Tiffany down the aisle in a practice run before her wedding extravaganza tomorrow at Mar-a-Lago
>>17755008 Princess Stephanie of Monaco's ex-boyfriend - who was the 'prince of the West Coast nightclub circuit' in the 1980s - is found dead after a robbery at a villa in the Dominican Republic
>>17755009 TGP Sends Cease and Desist Letter To Maricopa County – We Are Suing Them After Yesterday’s Attack On Independent Journalists
>>17755011, >>17755016 Nancy Pelosi uses 'public health emergency' to extend remote voting in US House and returning from Egypt -on ground at Shannon, Ireland nao
>>17755013 ‘Casino Loyale’: Company Owned by Chinese Billionaire Guilty of Paying $1 Million in Bribes to LA Councilman
>>17755015 Former US House Speaker Newt Gingrich has been in politics for decades, and never has an election bewildered him as much as the #Midterms2022
>>17755031 These clips speak volumes as to why Hussein and other deep state players were nervous about Kari Lake in Arizona
>>17755036 The End Of World Dollar Hegemony: Turning The US Into Weimar Germany???
>>17755041 #21757

>>17754013 Trump Set To Ignore GOP Advice To Delay Presidential Announcement
>>17754028 NV: Clark County Will Need Three More Days to Count 50,000 Ballots
>>17754032 Mises: The Austrian economists have always been the world's best critics of the Rothschild controlled "central banking" con.
>>17754035 New Jersey Mayor Says Ballots Went Missing
>>17754037 Biden says he is determined to make "transformational changes," then a strange sound briefly interrupts his speech at COP27
>>17754039 How about a nice game of chess
>>17754041 Day 4 | Poso, Benny, Bowyer and Special Guests | The Charlie Kirk Show LIVE 
>>17754047 CIA Director’s Former Think Tank Hired Experts From Nonprofits Controlled By Chinese Spy Agencies
>>17754049 The Absurdity of the Blame Trump Campaign
>>17754053 Biden Honors Veterans Day by Praising Climate Envoy John Kerry as ‘Literally One of the Most Decorated Men to Fight’
>>17754061, >>17754067  Musk/Q GameOver
>>17754064 moar 1913
>>17754073 Trump on Friday took aim at Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin 
>>17754086, >>17754092,  >>17754099 The central bank of almost every country in the world owns gold — except Canada. Here’s why that’s a mistake
>>17754101 MD: Judge Orders Two Voting Machines to Be Cracked Open
>>17754108 FOUR HUNDRED private jets arrived in Egypt during COP27 as climate delegates are accused of 'hypocrisy'
>>17754125, >>17754144,  September 22, 1931: President Hoover's Message on the Gold Standard GREAT BRITAIN'S DEPARTURE FROM
>>17754160, >>17754162 moar 1913
>>17754163, >>17754172 Crypto exchange FTX declares bankruptcy and exit of Democratic megadonor CEO
>>17754314 MktFag and Godzilla/MechaGodzilla present "The Creation of the Federal Reserve system in 1913/qrb links
>>17754318 BOXER40 USAF C-40C bailing from Sharm El-SheikNancyleaves
>>17754323 #21756

>>17751566 Potato in 82-8000 747 and 09-0016 C-32A has crossed the Atlantic
>>17751571 Trump sends a Re-Truthed WWG1WGA
>>17751573, >>17751574 5 weeks and 5 days before Christmas DEC 25 2022 is NOV 15 2022, the day of POTUS DJT big announcement
>>17751582 The Paragon Diamonds, LLC
>>17751598, >>17751600 moar Madeleine McCann
>>17751609,  >>17751622,  >>17751667,  >>17751674,  >>17751676,  >>17751681,  >>17751683,  >>17751685,  >>17751688,  >>17751689,  >>17751699,  >>17751702,  >>17751705 HCA MANDATE Delta   NEVER FORGET
>>17751610 Here is the 8 again…
>>17751614  I am fairly certain this shows we are paying 192 MILLION DOLLARS to the graphic designer for @lapublichealth
>>17751617, >>17751637, >>17751642, >>17751644 John Kerry Spills the Beans at U.N.’s COP27 Meeting: They Want to Replace Capitalism with a New Economic System
>>17751625 Musk fans create a 30-foot long $600,000 monument of Twitter's new boss riding a rocket 
>>17751629 Who funded Dems' super-PACs? A crypto-fraud, apparently
>>17751633, >>17751703 Winsome Sears Says She 'Could Not Support' Trump 2024 Candidacy
>>17751638 Lauren Boebert Wins Colorado CD-03
>>17751645, >>17751647, >>17751655 WEF development of an "individual carbon footprint tracker"
>>17751681 The OSHA vaccine mandate impacting millions of Americans remains suspended!
>>17751682 A major world announcement will be made impacting a former US president on November 18th 2022?????
>>17751710, >>17751711 Happy Veterans Day
>>17751712 @realDonaldTrump  Young Kin in Virginia couldn’t have won without me. I Endorsed him
>>17751714 @realDonaldTrump re: Swallowell No, he wants his lover spy to make those decisions. A real LOSER!
>>17751717 @realDonaldTrump we MUST PROTECT KARI & BLAKE! #2020
>>17751719 @realDonaldTrump WE WON! Pelosi is gone, we take Congress and, if we can stop their very obvious CHEATING, will also take the Senate
>>17751722 @realDonaldTrump MSNBC Pitches Eventual John Fetterman Presidential Run
>>17751726, >>17751791 Trump RT Bongino on Biden's reversal of Trump era dereg cost economy $309 billion
>>17751744 Moustafa DIG, con't.
>>17751745 Soloman types out a tweet on DURHAM (Q just posted on).
>>17751749 Concerge service for illegals, courtesy of US taxpayers
>>17751751 Trump: we won! Pelosi gone, we take Congress, stop cheating
>>17751758 Battleground state county begins audit after botched ballot counting continues
>>17751762 Republican Flips Iowa's Attorney General Seat Red
>>17751770 Biden Admin Unveils Plans to Send Pregnant Minors to Abortion Clinics
>>17751777 Google Is Shifting Votes On A Massive Scale, But A Solution Is At Hand
>>17751794  Virginia Republican Governor-Elect Glenn Youngkin’s former Carlyle Group cohorts own Dominion Voting Systems 
>>17751798  Washoe County, Nevada Election Livestream Goes DARK Overnight – Back Online This Morning
>>17751805  Sudden Adult Death Syndrome: "We've Never Seen These Numbers" 
>>17751897 Ship Show today 
>>17751907 Zhao warns of cascading crypto crisis  
>>17751927 Zelensky on new military package from USA
>>17751939, >>17751963 Who are the silent thieves? Rothschilds?
>>17751957 Criminals have stolen nearly 100$ billion in Covid relief funds  
>>17751967 China Develops 'Back To The Future-Style Hoverboard' Able To Climb 10,000 Feet
>>17755060 #21754

==Previously Collected==
>>17753977 #21755
>>17746554 #21752, >>17749040 #21753, >>17755060 #21754
>>17745496 #21749, >>17746641 #21750, >>17746249 #21751
>>17744706 #21746, >>17744983 #21747, >>17745295 #21748
>>17740435 #21743, >>17744801 #21744, >>17744336 #21745

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