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Soccer Betting Strategy for AH Odd 0 or 0_0.5

Soccer Betting Strategy for AH Odd 0 or 0_0.5
Betting Strategy for AH Odd 0 or 0/0.5 
AH Odd is 0 
The Home win rate is between 33% and 40% The Home team wining 
Rate will rise if water rate is below low for AH. Normal is what we do. 
just focus the team with low water rate on AH. 
* If the Home team has water 
Rate level: Keep 1.80 long-term from open odd to kick off, then 
 the bookmaker is trend to home team will not lost the game. If the water 
 rate level is increase to close 1.85 or 1.85 before one or 2 hour kick off. It may also have massive betting on the away team, or the bookmaker makes the wager. 
 data togel hari ini Fake information to trend away team If the water rate is increased to 
If the price is 1.875 or higher, then the bookmaker might receive insider information to trend away 
 team. So home team may hard to win the game or lost. Bookmaker is usually the best bet. 
 has less confident that home team to win the game if the water level from 
1.80 to 1.875 If the water rate is between 1.80 and 1.90, then 
You can sacrifice for your home team. 
* Home and Away are 1.925 
 water rate levels, if any side drop the water rate to 1.85 or lower, then 
 the winning rate of this game will higher. However, if the water rate is lower than 
Pick the opposite team if you are close to 1.875 
AH Odd is 0.25 
Home win rate is in between 40% - 45%, we have a simple way 
to analysis AH Odd 0.25 
* analysis that whether the 
If the lower odd team wins, they have a chance to win or are more likely to win than the higher odd team. 
 answer is NO, then pick lower odd team. 
* If the away team is stronger 
The home team is better than the one at the other, and the water rate level should be kept at 1.80 for long periods. Then 
The away team will be more likely to lose.

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