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>>17438743 Donald J. Trump: Hannity confirms the Biden White House was actively behind Mara-A-Lago Raid and attempts to frame Trump (Cap 4:43)
>>17438556 Kash Patel: Here come the whistleblowers with actual facts: FBI brass warned agents off Hunter Biden laptop due to 2020 election: whistleblowers
>>17438562 Court orders Kenosha to follow Wisconsin Supreme Court ruling banning absentee ballot drop boxes
>>17438044 lb, >>17438078 lb FBI whistleblowers say senior officials ordered Bureau not to investigate Hunter Biden laptop
>>17438185 2nd Round Of US Airstrikes Over Syria As Militias Fire Rockets On Occupied Gas Fields
>>17438200 White House Says Russia's "Sham Referendums" In Ukraine To Begin In Days
>>17438215 Mark Anthony Rodriguez Former Schoolteacher Sentenced to 20 Years in Prison for Child Pornography
>>17438223 Memo to Barr on not indicting Trump for obstruction-of-justice 2019
>>17438245 The most important thing Trump accomplished is those 28 pages declassified
>>17438260 House Republicans Want to Know Why the TSA Is Allowing Illegal Immigrants on Planes with ARREST WARRANTS for ID
>>17438280 Woke Wisconsin School District Renames Women, Girls ‘Person With a Vulva’
>>17438268 HBO Max Cancels Ellen DeGeneres Woke Animated Series Aimed At Preschoolers
>>17438301, >>17438459 Uvalde School Board Fires Police Chief Pete Arredondo
>>17438342 MTG on cyber stalking and Swatting (Cap 1:15)
>>17438356, >>17438361 Tina Forte (get the fuck outta here), won the primaries in NY 14th district against AOC
>>17438370 'My Son Hunter' documentary coming out next month? Attempting to control the narrative, again.
>>17438377 Ron Desantis on Fauci , someone needs to  grab that little elf and chuck him across the Potomac (Cap 0:17)
>>17438515, >>17438591  Ron Desantis campaign video (Cap 1:00)
>>17438418 Texas AG Ken Paxton: Public Has the Right to View Voted Ballots Cast in Texas Elections
>>17438457 "Done in 30" 30 times around the Q-Clock, cycles? 11-11-2022 
>>17438489 Chuck Grassley: Tour/Q&a at Pure Fishing in Spirit Lake 22ppl issues: supply chain China buying farmland fishing etc #99countymeetings
>>17438553 Laura Loomer Refuses To Concede Primary, Claims Fraud, Blames Big Tech
>>17438625 "This is way worse and it hasn't even started" is true…FOR THE CULT.
>>17438694 Biden Admin officials scramble to escape blame for unlawful Pentagon order mandating mRNA for troops
>>17438709, >>17438722 Ruby Ridge, 30 years ago, helps explain the FBI’s ‘Gestapo’ image
>>17438714, >>17438715 Far-Left and Mainstream Media Blame Trump for Vaccine as Vax Dangers Come to Light
>>17438765 Facebook blocks GOP account post opposing student loan debt cancellation
>>17438331 Donald Trump Jr.: Ballsy….. Biden's Student loan forgiveness in a meme
>>17438796 FLASHBACK, Elizabeth Warren Meets the Face of Cold Anger
>>17438825 Biden Cancels Student Loan Debt for Federal Borrowers, Extends Pause for Loan Payments Through End of Year
>>17438866 #21373

>>17437399 dough
>>17437499, >>17437519, >>17437529, HCQ #qpost 4305 3909 and 4290 - media push to demonize. archived hqc articles
>>17437514 Voters Moving to the Right Across Almost Every Demographic, Says Massive Survey -
>>17437580 Is Amazon One the Mark of the Beast? No, but That Doesn’t Mean It’s a Good Thing.-
>>17437608 Augmented tech can change the way we live, but only with the right support and vision - and
>>17437618 Fauci: I Can Defend Everything I've Done -
>>17437651, >>17437659, Look for a Judicial Rope-a-Dope in Trump Raid Case -
>>17437689 ‘Rainbow Fentanyl’ Pills, Powder Reported Nationwide - twat
>>17437579 Methylene Blue: A Scientific Breakthrough For COVID-19? -  sources bun and trump nom on light to beat covid
>>17437759 Finland Braces For Rolling Blackouts This Winter - zerohedge
>>17437761, >>17437765, Mexican Journalist Shot Dead Hours After Publishing Story On 43 Missing Students - zerohedge
>>17437774 Commercial Poultry Operation In California Detects First Bird Flu Case - zerohedge
>>17437777, >>17437779, ECB Says Cash "Not Fit" For Digital Economy, Dismisses CBDC Privacy Concerns - zerohedge
>>17437803 Ghislaine Maxwell has failed to pay some $878,000 in fees to two lawyers who defended the now-convicted British socialite against criminal charges she helped Jeffrey Epstein abuse teenage girls, the lawyers' firm said in a new lawsuit. - twat (Jerusalem post) 
>>17437804 Biden White House Directly Facilitated FBI Mar-A-Lago Raid - zerohedge
>>17437823 Prosecution's Expert in Abcug Medical Abuse Case Calls 6 Abnormal EEGs 'Stone-Cold Normal -
>>17437839 Hear the full story of what happened at my home late last night, mgt - twat
>>17437853 Majority of White House Staffers Eligible for Biden’s Student-Loan ‘Forgiveness’- (surprise)
>>17437866, >>17437874, Ron DeSantis Urges Floridians to 'Put on the Full Armor of God' to Fight 'Destructive - breitbart (qpost 1432)
>>17437855 Clinton Global Initiative to stage New York event in September after six-year absence - (desparate much)
>>17437872, >>17437882, >>17437887, >>17437892, >>17437916, The Democrats have Mitch McConnell and his lovely wife, Elaine “Coco” Chao, over a barrel - djt t.s post and nom federalist article
>>17437950 Mitch McConnell is not an Opposition Leader, he is a pawn for the Democrats - djt t.s continued statement of above.
>>17438005 26 and 0 tonight, turning numerous tight races into big and easy wins. Overall for last 4 years, 98.4% on Endorsements! - djt t.s post
>>17437886 Whistleblower Claims FBI Leadership Told Bureau Employees Not to Look at Hunter Biden’s Laptop From Hell - gwp
>>17437891, >>17437908, >>17437914, The People v. Cynthia Abcug: Who Is the 'Conspiracy Theorist' -
>>17437905 Amazon is shutting down telehealth service by end of year -
>>17437946 Biden has ordered airstrikes on eastern Syria -
>>17437951 After Biden Administration Claimed Only 100 Americans Left in Afghanistan: US Team of Veterans Rescued 17,000 US Legal Permanent US Residents in Afghanistan -
>>17437987  Harvey Weinstein is granted an APPEAL by court on rape conviction - dailymail
>>17438009 The U.S. Navy reports that the new post office serving the 6,000 residents of Guantanamo Bay Navy base is up and running - twat
>>17438024 Penn Medical School Expands Minority-Candidate Program That Does Not Require MCAT - zerohedge
>>17438058 Green Party Official Tells Germans to ‘Stop Taking Showers’ to Solve Energy Crisis -
>>17438072 The Chinese Are Coming! – California Follows China In Swabbing Animals For COVID! –
>>17438081 #21372

>>17436599 dough
>>17436599, >>17436629, >>17436670, >>17436691, >>17436758, >>17437118, Macron warns of ‘end of abundance - (non-profit newsfeed of klaus)
>>17436737 Western Leaders Announce More Military Aid to Ukraine as Kyiv Marks Its Independence Day -
>>17436637 Marjorie Taylor Greene SWATTED at Home Early Wednesday Morning - gwp
>>17436644 Election Integrity: Alabama ES&S Voting Machines Accepted *XEROXED* Ballots During Machine Testing - gwp
>>17436656, >>17436900, >>17437042, Ukrainian Parliament Votes to Give Themselves a Raise thanks to US Taxpayers – As Country Bans Free Speech and Targets ‘Information Terrorists - gwp (ukraine topic)
>>17436664 Biden canceling $10K of student debt for millions, $20K for Pell grant recipients - politico
>>17436680 FBI Mar-a-Lago Warrant Had 'No Legal Basis': Constitutional Lawyers - zerohedge
>>17436682 A car bomb has killed the pro-Russian mayor of an occupied village in southern Ukraine. - twat
>>17436685, >>17436718, >>17436764, >>17436783, >>17436825, >>17436852, Man diagnosed with HIV, Covid-19, and monkeypox all at once - covid topic
>>17436830 Bill Gates Lavished the Media with $319 Million in Funding -
>>17436710 NASA really wants to probe Uranus and could start planning next year - twat (yes real twat header, kek)
>>17436714 Clinton Foundation Whistleblowers update, Doyle, Moynihan v IRS -
>>17436716, >>17436768, Libs of TikTok shares video of individual who uses 'god' as a pronoun:- the blaze (pedo, groomer and commie topic)
>>17436724 First lady Jill Biden tests positive for COVID in apparent rebound case - nyp
>>17436740 Texas BANS BlackRock, UBS and eight other finance firms from working with the state after finding them to be hostile to the energy industry - twat
>>17436692, >>17436735, >>17436763, >>17436765, >>17436795, >>17436833, >>17436844, >>17436848, >>17436857, >>17436936, >>17436940, >>17436982, forces twats
>>17436742 London’s Metropolitan Police Service Will Take No Further Action in Jeffrey Epstein Investigation -
>>17436753 Biden’s China Ambassador Headlines Chinese Communist Group Event on U.S. Farmland.-
>>17436771 Biden Energy Department Nominee Serves On Board For ‘Pariah’ Nation’s Energy Company -
>>17436810 Thousands of scientists sign formal declaration: “There is no climate emergency -
>>17436847 over 10 million - djt t.s post
>>17436854 Nolte: Only 32 Percent Trust the Political Media - breitbart (much less anon thinks)
>>17436858, >>17436861, >>17436871, >>17436926, >>17436908, >>17436984, Rep. Crenshaw Defends FBI As Other Republicans Denounce Agency Raid On Trump - zerohedge (politicans topic)
>>17436965, >>17437183, Israeli Army Suspends Soldiers Caught on Camera Beating Palestinians - (israel and middle east topic)
>>17437020 Parkland shooter Nikolas Cruz scrawled ‘666’ on prison cell wall in his own blood - nyp
>>17437043 The Trump administration pressured the FDA to authorize unproven treatments for Covid-19 and the first Covid-19 vaccines on an accelerated timeline, according to a House report released Wednesday. -politico twat (trumps fault narrative coming on the vax's)
>>17437051 Catholic Church suffers setback as court rules lawsuit brought by Pell accuser's father can continue -
>>17437067 Businesswoman Tina Forte wins NY GOP House, faces AOC in November -
>>17437076 Texas judge blocks Biden admin attempt to require ERs provide emergency abortions, over state ban -
>>17437080 Another Conspiracy Theory Vindicated: MSNBC Tells Peasants ‘You’ll Miss the Deep State When It’s Gone’ - and youtube vid
>>17437081, >>17437116, >>17437173, >>17437176, >>17437185, Statement of John Solomon regarding Daily Beast smear of my coverage of Archives memo - chelsea clinton on the board of the daily beast
>>17437075 biden, no idea about mar a lago raid - mp4 vid
>>17437087, >>17437094, >>17437105, Pro-life activist in Kansas sues for recount in recent election - bun
>>17437102, >>17437137, anon opine on the pope and vatican - catholic anon
>>17437120 When Democrats say “OUR DEMOCRACY,” the “our” literally refers to something they believe they own. - devin nunes t.s post
>>17437251, >>17437280, Trump PUSHED HCQ as cure for covid since day one. -  forbes, and wapo recap  items media attacks on hqc use by trump
>>17437300 #21371

>>17435901 Public Health Alert for Perdue Frozen Ready-To-Eat Chicken Tender Products Due to Foreign Material Contamination
>>17435904 Community Justice Action Fund's inaugural City Violence Prevention Index ranked Chicago among the top cities
>>17435910 Jesse Watters: This paints a very dark picture Pelosi's DUI and his sentencing 
>>17435919, >>17435928 MTG swatted
>>17435946, >>17435967 Biden student loan plan expected to worsen inflation, benefit higher-income earners
>>17435948 U.N. Security Council Meeting on Russian Invasion of Ukraine
>>17435968, >>17435971, >>17435986, >>17435996, >>17436003 "Norway will give Ukraine $4 million worth of Micro AIr vehicles/Third Security/Oxitec/Green Venus
>>17436038, >>17436059 Moar Third Security/Okanagan Specialty Fruits®
>>17436048 Found an old 2010 contract for Konnech, with DOD…
>>17436051 @USSF_SSC The threat in space is real and our timeline is short
>>17436064 Only 185 Claude Laurent glass flutes survive worldwide today 
>>17436071 Air Force General (Ret) Larry Spencer will hold a book signing and selling event at Veterans Growing America
>>17436075 @StateDept Records reveal the effort that went into retrieving American space debris that fell on Saudi Arabia in 1967.
>>17436142, >>17436170 pb decodes Trust Wray?
>>17436183 @iimefmarines Now thats alot of damage!🇫🇮💥
>>17436202, >>17436306 Dinosaur tracks revealed in Texas as severe drought dries up river
>>17436241, >>17436460 ⏱ARTEMIS I LAUNCH COUNTDOWN: L-5 Days.
>>17436257 Trudeau Weapons Storage Bunker
>>17436261 Macron warns of ‘end of abundance’
>>17436271, >>17436300  "It's going to be aTSUNAMI of cutoffs"
>>17436315 Kirill Teremetsky: Hungary is not Russia’s ally, but it’s a rare rational partner in an increasingly fanatical EU
>>17436355,  >>17436362, >>17436364, >>17436412,>>17436534  Jr with comms or not
>>17436379 @USNationalGuard @OHNationalGuard artillerymen conducted direct fire operations of the M119A3 Howitzer. 
>>17436383 BlackRock, UBS Among Funds Cutting China Property Exposure
>>17436542 "Tsunami Of Shutoffs": 20 Million US Homes Are Behind On Power Bills
>>17436591 #21370

==Previously Collected==
>>17435047 #21368, >>17436461 #21369, 
>>17433470 #21366, >>17434257 #21367, >>17435047 #21368
>>17432365 #21363, >>17431958 #21364, >>17432724 #21365
>>17429483 #21360-B, >>17429579 #21361, >>17430348 #21362

>>16463405 '''Notables Bread #14: Gonna Rise Up'''

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