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trump speech notes texas robstown.

🔴LIVE: President Donald J. Trump Holds Save America Rally in Robstown, TX 10/22/22
Right Side Broadcasting Network
4:00PM – Special Guest Speakers Deliver Remarks
7:00PM – 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump Delivers Remarks
Trump comes out wearing a maga hat with 45 on the side of the hat. 
djt: 17 days until the midterm elections
djt: We are going to stop maga (make America great again)
djt: There is a leaker on the supreme court
djt: Death penalty for smugglers (blue ribbon committees)
djt: President is the king of china (pm for life)
djt: China shoot the drug dealer and send the bullet to the family
and get them to pay for the bullet (mafia succession killed)
djt: Under Obama they would not take back ms13
djt: Bringing in Trump Security measures when reps come back.
djt: Trump won every single border town, never happened
djt: Trump got the bay of pigs award
djt: Death penalty for killing a police person
djt: days notice for this rally and look at it.
djt: turning our country into a police state, communists system
djt: the media is a big problem, they are corrupt and deceitful.
djt: we are suing the Pulitzer organization for wrong reporting
djt: the time to stand up to this tyranny is right now
djt: trump Stands whilst the crowd sing the star spangled banner 
djt: When this group stood up, i thought we had protesters
djt: all they do is investigate, frankly if we started that, boy they would be in trouble
djt: Nancy Pelosi was charge of security
djt: the sent me a subpoena, can you believe it
djt: have you looked at the boxers hoax
djt: if we spied on Obama they would put out the death penalty
djt: the FBI hunter laptop made a 17 point difference to the result
djt: peekaboo James (i am going to get him)
djt: elections are moar important then the borders
djt: Crowd chants ''we love trump''
djt: prior to china virus we were uniting all sides of the country
djt: Trump plays Biden video again ''lets get ready to bumble''
djt: crowd chants ''joes gotta go'' ''lets go Brandan''
djt: They think usa are playing 4 dimensional chess, i know what that is. do you
djt: the war would never happened cos the oil price, they would not have been able to afford it
djt: dan patrick (after hurricane harvey) trump was there
djt: vote for ken paxton (make America Texas) m.a.t kek
djt: beautiful baby 
djt: mike lindel (they took his phone)
djt: Truth social is no 1 over tic tock and twitter
djt: 93 rallies attended by these beautiful ladies
djt: we do not need satellites lies sending signals all over the place
djt: We want simple old fashioned voting 
djt: A lot of the people who police the voting stations are thugs.
djt: vote on the day and help out the polling stations.
djt: music starts ''wwg1 wga'' A nation in decline speech.
djt: (in above speech added) Halloween will be used to give fentanyl to children
djt: music plays (hold on i'm coming, lean on me) trump dancing again.
==End, total speech 1 hour and 40 minutes==
interview with rsbn after

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