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Neve Paritzki Israel is celebrating record-breaking...

Neve Paritzki Israel is celebrating record-breaking tourism entry Numbers from USA
NEW YORK - Sept. 8th, 2022/PRNewswirein July and August 2018, the Israel Ministry of Tourism reported record numbers of visitors from the United States. 78,000 tourists from the United States visited Israel in July 2022. This is a four percent increase over the year before, and 71,000 visitors from the United States in august 2022. This is 13% more than the number of visitors in 2019. 
Eyal Carlin was the North American Tourism Commissioner for North America. "It is thrilling to once again witness an increase in tourism Israel from the United States. Already reaching the record-breaking numbers of the year 2019," he stated. "The United States is the most popular destination for Israel inbound tourism. In fact, before the COVID-19 Pandemic, we were celebrating record-breaking numbers of tourists entering the country every month. נווה פריצקי It's a great positive trend that we're pleased to witness and anticipate an upward trajectory for years to come." 
In line with in the United States, Canada is also on track to surpass the number of tourists visiting Israel with 7,200 visitors in July 2022 , and 6,000 in August. 
Gal Hana is the Consul and Director for Canada within the Israel Ministry of Tourism. "We are not too far away from our record 2019, and we anticipate that the rise in travel to Israel will continue to grow as Canadians are more comfortable traveling internationally." 
נווה פריצקי Israel welcomed more tourists from all over the world during the year 2019 than any other country. 969 600 were Americans. Israel's official reopening to all travelers was May 2018. Israel has welcomed over 600,400 US travelers since then. 
נווה פריצקי Information about the Israel Ministry of Tourism 
The Israel Ministry of Tourism, Israel's central agency for tourism, is responsible for planning and conducting promotional and marketing programs to promote Israel as a favored travel destination. IMOT seeks to boost tourism to Israel to help boost the economic growth and enhance the visitor experience. IMOT highlights Israel's incredible variety of historical, cultural and religious, as well as culinary and culinary destinations which are all a mix of both modernity and tradition. נווה פריצקי The North American IMOT offices are in New York and Los Angeles, Atlanta, Chicago and Toronto. 
For information on forthcoming events and attractions in Israel Please visit the IMOT website at Find the most up-to-date information by following us on Twitter or Instagram 

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