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Auto Insurance?

Auto Insurance?
"1.3 KA 2002What is the top motor insurance organization for a student? 
Can an insurance company raise your premiums while you've finished 12-hour traffic school? 
Does anybody know of a reasonable auto insurance provider for 18 - 20-year olds -.- I recently got cited 4k for a 1litre CAR that's practically double or even more than double of the 1 litre I would of bought if insurance providers weren't FUBAR. Does anybody know of car insurance providers or automobiles which can be cheapish like 2000 - 2500 mark. I mean Iam in a-1 litre I'll be topping 80 my velocity is about 12 seconds -.- So yeah thanks to anybody:) 
"I'm in the act of getting my first automobile in my own label on my own insurance.
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