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Blogging Subcultures Challenge Info.

The Blogging Subcultures challenge is meant to broaden your fashion horizons and maybe teach you a bit about current and past trends from the underground. The rules are simple: Tell Sileny Noel via Plurk, IM or note card your name and that you would like to be included in the challenge. 

You will be asked to choose two numbers from 1-44.  You will then be given a choice between the two subcultures that correspond with those numbers.  This is meant to be random so no asking to switch!  You are given two to choose from because you should NOT wear a style that you wear often already.  If you already blog a lot of  goth clothes already, for example, and the two choices you receive are "goth" and "hippies" then you would obviously blog the hippies.

Some of the styles might be unfamiliar to you (I personally had never heard of funkeiros or otaku, for example) or they may sound scary to you (one example might be "skinheads" who have a bad modern rep as racist but the style actually emerged from Jamaican music, English working class lifestyle and rude boy fashion) but with a bit of research you will see that there is something to be learned from all of them.

I want this to be a positive experience for everyone so if for any reason you absolutely, positively can't do a certain style of course you can change but I would hope everyone can be willing to step out of their comfort zone and do something that might open their minds, even a little bit.  Really, it's about having fun, being fresh and putting your own spin on things!

The list I will be selecting from is as follows but the numbers will not be in the same order.  It's random!  Mwa ha ha.

-teddy boys
-western style (i.e.- cowboy style)
-new romantic / new wave
-rude boy / girl
-hip hop
-metal / headbangers
-grunge / riot grrrl
-bdsm style
-b-boys / flygirls
-new age
-ravers (esp. early 1990s)
-hipster and/or indie (modern)
-Visual Kei
-emo / From UK
-Straight Edge / Hardcore
-Club Kids

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