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>>17470457 TBC

>>17469718 Prestigious Pfizer Fellowship Tells Whites And Asians Not To Apply
>>17469772 Officers seize a shipment of baby wipes that turned out to be $11.8 million worth of cocaine
>>17469785 Proud Boys Gavin McInnes Staged Alleged Raid and Arrest – Admits In Text Message To Friends It Was A ‘Prank. Don’t Tell’
>>17469823 Ukrainian drone shot down over nuclear plant, roof damage
>>17469835 Omicron Boosters Are Coming, But They Weren’t Tested on People
>>17469840 Nickelodeon allowed 'sexualized' Victorious scene with Daniella Monet at Dan Schneider's insistence
>>17469854 U.S. Army Grounds Entire Fleet of Chinook Helicopters
>>17469872, >>17470114, >>17470116, >>17470126  DOJ Files Response to Trump Motion for Special Master Review, Supported by Lawfare Crew Filing Amicus Brief to Bolster DOJ Position
>>17469895 Allegations of political bias, widespread misconduct prompt FBI agents to call for Wray to step down 
>>17469900 Shia LaBeouf Said He Portrayed His Dad As An Abuser In The Movie "Honey Boy" When It Was Not True
>>17469916, >>17469919 Konnech DIG: Today, the website was taken offline
>>17469917 Google is blocking Trump’s Truth Social app for “insufficient content moderation
>>17469926 TechnoFog: More from the Biden DOJ filing re: Trump Mar-a-Lago search:
>>17469941 PF reports
>>17469954 Millions of Brits face being cut off from system as cash 'phased out in five years'
>>17469956 Attorney General Merrick Garland also sent a memo today reminding DOJ employees of the policies around communications with Congress.
>>17469963 Sheldon and Miriam Adelson plan to spend $100 million on electing Repubs & re-electing Donald Trump
>>17469965 London Home Projects Face Delays to 2035 on Electricity Capacity 
>>17469969 Capitol incursion protester Adam Jackson has been released from detention
>>17469970 South Korea has the highest current case rate in the world, despite nearly 90% vax rate - media ignores
>>17470023 Zuckerberg Should Have Kept Quiet - GOP Calls Meta CEO to Turn Over Hunter Comms
>>17470063 Yet ANOTHER NEW PROBE Into Trump's Declassified Docs
>>17470070 Children’s hospital CEO ‘won’t back down’ on providing “trusted care” to transgender children
>>17470087 Kim Jong Ill Allegedly Snags a Case of the Bat Stew Flu
 >>17469984 Biden Appears To Mix Up Pennsylvania Dem Candidates While Yelling In Wilkes Barre
>>17470117 Utah FBI employee charged with sexually abusing multiple children
>>17470125 QClock Aug 30, 2022: [Crossfire] Hurricane Katrina, :17 yrs → FLOOD
>>17470142 Covid virus contains tiny chunk of DNA that 'matches sequence patented by Moderna THREE YEARS before pandemic began'
>>17470150 Japan PM apologizes for party's church links, will cut ties
>>17470162 Sundance: AG Merrick GarlandSends Memo to DOJ and FBI Employees Reminding Them Not to Talk to Congress
>>17470374, >>17470261, >>17470293, >>17470266, >>17470299 DJT Truth & Corresponding timestamp drop (#743 & 753)
>>17470392 DJT Truth about hot August & perp walks
>>17470330 Ukrainian officials accused of stealing trainloads of aid
>>17470369, >>17470286 QClock & Drop Something Big Is Coming
>>17470385 Utility bill through the roof
>>17470430 #21413

>>17468916, >>17469123, >>17469325, >>17469536, >>17469587, >>17469544, >>17469579, >>17469620, >>17469616 4AM Talking point will be: Trump Docs Moved/ Special Master DENIED.
>>17468954 Planefag
>>17468963 Hurricane Erin took sudden 140 degree turn on 911
>>17468964 Hurricane Katrina was 17 years ago today
>>17469013 Congress continues to fight "white supremacy", with your money
>>17469048 2020 Election turnout numbers don't add up
>>17469150, >>17469245, >>17469260 We Are The News 
>>17469304 Iraq appears to be on the brink of a Civil War
>>17469349 Kissinger’s role in the WEF’s Young Global Leaders program
>>17469458, >>17469479 Truth Summit Kentucky
>>17469461 East European countries to tighten their COVID rules in the fall, regardless if there's a threat of health system overload
>>17469533 Google revises seach results to better facilitate abortions
>>17469633 #21412

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>>16463405 '''Notables Bread #14: Gonna Rise Up'''

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