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Does car insurance cover for shattered side...

Does car insurance cover for shattered side window?
About howmuch wouldn't it be for motor insurance to get an 18-year old girl? 
Motor insurance Exactly what does coverage means that is full to car insurance? 
"I'm a Senior in highschool surviving in california and my parents want to get me auto insurance this week "Today"Was in a fender bender"Is it illegal easilyam a supply driver 
"Noticed a good oneDoes anybody know of Inexpensive Medical Insurance to get a Women in her 20s? 
Lifeinsurance and which Health Business? 
"Hello allWhats the different between Car Insurance and Breakdown Cover? 
"New CarBecause I bought my car."I had a non fault collision for since the third party is not admitting liability which the claim remains continuous

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