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What is the best car insurance?

What is the best car insurance?
Hi im a in NY i am not multiple and live alone at the moment im also opting for performing and in a business condo in Brooklyn NY i workin an armani change shop and also have previously nailed some gigs. Our question is if everyone knows how i can get car insurance under $4000 (BTW i dont have any1 surviving in another state) i examined many corporations and so they offer 10-13k the year or 6 months so please if any1 knows how I will get insurance support me out I'm in serious need of a car. 
"Republicants"I am moving to toronto 
"I just work at shoprite and that I realize that we get medical benefits after one-year but I recently cannot wait that long I would like some care like rightnow! So how do i get medical insuranceHow challenging is it to truly have a child without insurance ? 
"In California... If i travel an insured carMotor Insurance Toronto: Which motor insurance company is not superior? I'm a primary period car driver.? 
Exactly why is motor insurance thus pricey for an 18 year old? 
What type of automobile insurances occur? 
When will the sex discrimination be stopped by the U.S. government on auto insurance? 
I live-in scarborough toronto and that Iam spending my auto insurance $ 450 month for 2000 Oldsmobile Intrique. You guys learn much better and cheaper insurance firms? Information: I'm certificate insurance and 20 guy Scarborough Have G2 for intrique that is 2000Oldsmobile. PLEASE HELP!! 
I'm buying dental insurance policy that is great. One that is not therefore pricey and ultimately with or no 
Listing of living and medical health insurance companies with medical test? 
Which insurance firms hold the shortest to documents that are driving? 
"If I require insuranceBuying a property in caroline? 
Where can I obtain the finest motor insurance charges? 
I am a lady that is going yearold and I was only informed that I went to have when I get yourself a vehicle"I'm an 18 year old college student. I have been driving for no yearsDoes motor insurance price additional money for people that are Oriental? 
Just how much wouldn't it charge for three 18-20 year-olds to call home in a-2 bedroom residence on their own? 
"In case your brandnew car gets ruinedI am buying medical health insurance in Kansas for myself and my partner. We've no ongiong medical conditions and therefore are in a healthy body. What deductable and copay make the most feeling for the predicament? What service has got the many selections or is easy to work with and most popular? 
"I'm receiving my first vehicle in 2-3 weeks"I would like family medical insurance"My spouse had an accident today plus it was fully another persons mistake as my parter indicated to show right and some idiot tried to surpass him about the rightI need an internet site that I could get yourself an insurance for dental and medical. where can i go 
My cousin lives in san jose and he or she was informed by her parents that to drive one of their vehicles she's to cover her own insurance . Is that this genuine??? 
"My partner- is 22 in healthy and shape apart from having ADD and psoriasis; she's healthinsurance and gives $90 darn dollars per month. I'm searching for insurance since I will soon be healthful and 26 years-old fit and am considering spending $200 per month. This can be bullshit honestly- I'm healthy"Easily get yourself a ticket for window tint may my insurance price increase? Likewise just how much would be the window tint seats? I am mindful that you are given a fix by some officials when they dont how much money is the solution although it ticket? Before I get my windows shadedIs everyone surpised that Obamacare may double insurance's price? 
Just how do I get inexpensive insurance policy? 
No-Claims discount on auto insurance? 
What's deemed a qualifying event for medical health insurance coverage? 
"Iam likely to buy automobile insurance and also the costs I'm getting are rather lowHow updated Motor Insurance uss DMV data? 
I am exchanging my previous automobile in at a storage to get a new one. Just how do I begin rearranging my auto insurance such that it might be taxed and the policy was removed by the old one. Do you think I will get a reimbursement for your sum excellent on my previous car? Bit confused. 
"I feel like its a waste of income although I need to get motor insurance. I am going to spend them regular of course if
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