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>>17724555 ————————————–——– You have all the tools you need.

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>>16552853 ————————————–——– What is at stake? Who has control? SURPRISE WITNESS. Who is Cassidy Hutchinson? Trust the plan.
>>16950147 06.25.2022
>>16950142 06.24.2022

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>>17726112 We have a feisty crowd. That's what we want!
>>17726124 WE LOVE TRUMP- crowd
>>17726127 La Trobe - PDJT
>>17726128 O'Biden They drew flies
>>17726133 crowd boos the FAKE NEWS and throws them thumbs down in unison
>>17726135 ESG Boomerangs on BlackRock
>>17726146 Musk Reveals Truth About Blue Check System and Confirms an Investigation Is Needed
>>17726154 Build that wall Build that Wall!
>>17726180 force the restoration of the southern boarder, double the number of ice and boarder patrol
>>17726184 One drug dealer will kill 500 Americans in their lifetime.
>>17726203 Death Penalty
>>17726210 Drain that Swamp! Drain that Swamp!
>>17726233 democrats want to silence dissent
>>17726256 This Tuesday you have to crush the Communists at the ballot box.
>>17726259  Trump: The radical democrats are locking up pro-life activists, persecuting their political opponents, silencing dissent,..they are really going to silence dissent.
>>17726264 I love you too, you have no idea how much
>>17726287 Truckers Reporting NO DIESEL FUEL in Parts of North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee
>>17726288 Lock her up! Lock her up!
>>17726296 Phony crooked Comey, A bad guy who lied to Congress
>>17726307 We need strong people. We need people with courage and guts.
>>17726316 bullshit!!!
>>17726331 What goes around comes around
>>17726356 17 point difference
>>17726361 How's Liz Cheney doing?
>>17726378 Nobody ever lost by 26
>>17727603 #21723-B

>>17725714 All the answers to the NEW Q post in here???
>>17725620 Anon decode of Q post from end
>>17725639 HAPPENING NOW: Protesters gather in Times Square chant “BRAZIL WAS STOLEN”
>>17725674, >>17725720, >>17725735, >>17725798 Four Year Delta - You are the saviors of mankind.
>>17725711, >>17725759,  >>17725772, >>17725786, >>17725797, >>17725867 Clockfag, Clock blanks
>>17725714 All the answers to the NEW Q post in here???
>>17725937 Hazmat and Bomb Team Arrive Outside of Kari Lake’s Headquarters After “Suspicious Powder” Found
>>17725748 PF activity
>>17725751 Democrats Worried Republicans May Take Lead Beyond Margin Of Cheating (TOP KEK)
>>17725773 TRUMP Rally LIVE Miami FL – link
>>17725800 Missing H – where's Hunter?
>>17725809, >>17725837, >>17725892 Travis View on the Clock
>>17725813 Elon Musk’s Twitter will wait to push changes to its verification process and Twitter Blue subscription service until after the midterm elections
>>17725814 Evergrande Says Creditors Sold Hong Kong Plot for $637 Million
>>17725850 @JennaEllisEsq lol it is actually possible to think the DeSanctimonious nickname was hilarious 
>>17725864 Donald Trump Jr. at the Save America Rally in Florida
>>17725872 Jim W reposted Q post
>>17725887, >>17725950, >>17725957, >>17725960 Mike ("Faggy") Rothschild on new Q post – says it's Jim W )gosh, what happened to RON as Q?)
>>17725905 President Donald J. Trump in Miami, FL - LINKS
>>17725909 Political Backfire of potentially biblical proportions in NY. 
>>17725922, >>17725931, >>17725950, >>17725952 MEDIA MATTERS ARE TWEETING Q POSTS/Jim is Q???
>>17725924 Don Lemon's New Morning Show Debuts, Immediately Bombs In Ratings
>>17725973 Facebook parent Meta to begin laying off thousands of employees this week: WSJ
>>17726009, >>17726018, >>17726019 Republicans Are Doubling Down on Trumpism. It’s Going to Work.
>>17726026 We are closely monitoring Invest 98L which has developed in the Southwest Atlantic.
>>17726038 Pompeo jumps to defend DeSantis after Trump’s ‘Ron DeSanctimonious’ comment
>>17726045 @USArmy “I will never accept defeat. I will never quit.”
>>17726085, >>17726226 TRUMP is early!!! ON Stage
>>17727602 #21723-A

''baker change'' 
>>17724974 Zelenskyy wants Ukraine to be ‘a big Israel.’ Here’s a road map.
>>17724941 War in Ukraine: Financing the victory
>>17724976 Missing 'h' in Q's drop when misspelling 'withold'.
>>17725034 Potus missing[?]on 11/03
>>17725007 How do you control a 'leader'? How do you control a country?
>>17725068 REMINDER - What Joe did
>>17724974 Zelenskyy wants Ukraine to be ‘a big Israel.’ Here’s a road map
>>17724975 Who is funding Ukraine
>>17725356 BO on temporary suspension of posting 
>>17724975 Anon decode- Who's financing Ukraine? 
>>17725131, >>17725166 Nancy Pelosi says hammer attack on ‘our Pop’ has traumatized her grandchildren
>>17725292 Voter Registration System Goes Down While Dems Sue To Count Mail-In Ballots  
>>17725157, >>17725216, >>17725273 Q post decode - VVV / 555 / We are WITH YOU
>>17725128 Kari Lake's campaign office receives suspicious white powder and threats
>>17725566 NEW DJT X2
>>17725580 #21722

>>17724107, >>17724108 Jen Bush is pushing DeSantis.
>>17724113 Maggot Haberman reporting that Roger Stome started attacking DeSantis several weeks ago
>>17724131,  >>17724135, >>17724136, >>17724162,  >>17724163 @elonmusk says journalists with “they/them” pronouns in bio will pay a $16 monthly fee instead of the standard $8
>>17724149 Red Wave on the Sunset
>>17724150 Doctors Advised to Suggest Suicide to Patients as Canada Runs Out of Basic Painkillers
>>17724156 Coast Guard offering ‘unheard of’ $50K signing bonuses as recruitment plummets
>>17724160 Never Before Seen Substances Inside the Arteries of Sudden Death Victims
>>17724170 Democrats will mandate Covid shots for your kids to attend school, but they know that’s too controversial to say before an election. 
>>17724172, >>17724176  Right when Fetterman introduces Obama as a "sedition free" president, all the American flags fall over. You can't even make this stuff up. 
>>17724177 Victor Davis Hanson: Midterm re-election will be a 'realignment'
>>17724183 Winfrey’s endorsement of John Fetterman might be just a way to hedge her bets
>>17724191  Biden warns Putin US will defend ‘every inch’ of NATO land after Ukraine annexation
>>17724195 Nolte: Six Reasons Corporate Media Failed to Frame MAGA for Paul Pelosi Incident
>>17724197 The Fed crashed the housing market. Builders and banks want help.
>>17724199 SNL covid commercial
>>17724211 "Here we go." -King Palmer for the keks
>>17724219,  >>17724220  Bruce Daisley was Twitter vice president for Europe, Africa and the Middle East.
>>17724221 The Secularist Tyranny of the Democrats Is on the Ballot
>>17724222 Mother Of Slain NYC Teen Criticizes Governor Over Bail Reform
>>17724224 Barack Obama says John Fetterman is fit  to serve in Senate after stroke
>>17724247 Twitter account Ultra MAGA BELLA Hot Babe was run by someone in China
>>17724267,  >>17724269,  >>17724281 Amid mass Twitter layoffs, UN urges Elon Musk to 'ensure human rights are central' to company's management
>>17724284, >>17724287, >>17724290 Refresher:  Hope For Haiti Now: A Global Benefit For Earthquake Relief
>>17724294 Dr. Anthony Fauci receives the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Muhammad Ali Humanitarian Awards
''baker change''
>>17724336, >>17724361, >>17724500 Aaron Carter Last Twat
>>17724362, >>17724365, >>17724383, >>17724389 Opinion piece fascinating in that it chooses adopt our language and twist it to the liberal game plan
>>17724426 'This is playing with fire - it could spark a lab-generated pandemic': Experts slam Boston lab
>>17724429 Conspiracy author David Icke has been banned from entering the EU
>>17724460 America First Legal’ Publishes Litigation Documents Revealing CDC’s Mask Guidance for Schoolchildren was Motivated by Political Polling
>>17724463 Gas production breaks records, leading to Enbridge $3.6B expansion project
>>17724522, >>17724552 ObummaBidan mostly empty 10K seat stadium
>>17724537 Hey guise, feel like doing another rally today in Sanctimonious Florida?
>>17724555 Q You have all the tools you need.
>>17724647 #21721

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>>17724091 #21720
>>17723202 #21717, >>17724747 #21718, >>17723841 #21719
>>17722405 #21714, >>17722660 #21715, >>17722922 #21716
>>17723186 #21712-A2, >>17723108 #21712-A1, >>17722463 #21713 
>>17721222 #21710, >>17721660 #21711, >>17722389 21712-B  

>>17474548 '''Q Research Notables #15: High Five'''
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