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Cambios en Enlightenment - E16 1.0.15

Fri Oct 17 07:16:06 CEST 2014

--- ---
Fix warnings with gcc 4.9.x.
Minor simplifications in ImagestateDraw...() functions.
Minor tweak in EXFillAreaSolid().
Fix potential use of freed pixmap.
Move shape window stuff to separate header file.
Simplify pager background update.
Change some operations to render ones.
Wrap XDraw/FillRectangle.
Debug tweaks (pager).
Remove ancient unused code.
Cosmetics (key->keycode).
Cosmetics (key->keysym).
Avoid unnecessary FP calculation.
Avoid divide by 0 crash (Randr may report FPS = 0).
Move EDBUG_TYPE_ANIM to where it belongs.
Tweak screen info printout.
Wrap XID and some other X types.
Use initially created GC for various operations.
Refactor background dialog data handling.
Refactor group dialog data handling.
Exec/spawn function tweaks.
Eliminate some use of EspawnApplication().
Refactor dialog apply/exit handling.
Simplify dialog data handling.
Avoid some potential X-calls/errors when client is destroyed.
Updating translations (eo)
Updating turkish and adding lithuanian and galician translations
Adding catalan traslation
Remove bogus lithuanian translation (0 translated messages).
Remove useless Name[] entries from .desktop files (again).
Updating catalan translation
Autofoo cosmetics (use AC_HELP_STRING).
Fix creating bitmap cursor.
Add argb option to EPictureCreateBuffer().
Add ERegionCreateFromBitmap() and EPictureFillRect().
Use wrapper functions in ECreatePixmapCursor().
Updating esperanto and french translations
Updating desktop files
Remove useless Name[] entries from .desktop files (again).
Fix some normally disabled debug format strings.


Tue Nov 18 21:42:34 CET 2014

--- 1.0.15 ---
Simplify sound configuration.
Set lower limit on slide/shade speed (fix crash if speed is set to 0).
Debug printout cleanups.

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