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Dear University Life Friends and Colleagues,
I am writing to bring to your attention the all-campus email from Rector Volgenau, titled �Statement Concerning Non-Discrimination at George Mason University.�  This email was sent in response to the Attorney General�s letter to presidents and BOV members of Virginia�s state universities, concerning protected classes in university non-discrimination policies.
Let me first reaffirm George Mason�s unwavering commitment, as stated by Rector Volgenau, to developing the policies and providing the resources and support necessary to maintain an inclusive, holistic environment that promotes educational excellence and institutional diversity. 
�The Board of Visitors extends it full and unconditional support to all members of the University community and encourages continued focus on the diversity and mutual respect that has become our hallmark.�
University Life shares that same commitment to diversity as stated in our Core Value -  �Embrace our Differences�
�We believe there is strength in diversity and inclusiveness in our local and global communities. Through our speech and actions, we affirm the dignity and self worth of all individuals and repudiate injustice, discrimination and hatred. We actively recognize, support, teach, and advocate understanding, tolerance, mutual respect, belonging and civility.�
Because we work so closely with students, we know that the Attorney General�s recent communication will likely raise a variety of concerns, questions, and emotional responses.  This may be particularly true for our LGBTQ students, faculty and staff. 
We, as University Life staff, play a critical role.  This is a time to reaffirm in our daily interactions with students the core values that we have established as the foundation of University Life.  This is a time to be compassionate.  This is a time to listen; to be sensitive and most importantly to be a calming influence in a time of uncertainty. 
Remember, the strength of Mason is our uncompromising acceptance and embracing of diversity.  We will remain unwavering in this commitment.  If I can be of any assistance to any of you at any time, do not hesitate to call me.
                                                �EMBRACE OUR DIFFERENCES�

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