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Cambios en Enlightenment - E16 1.0.16


Sat Jan 17 18:27:32 CET 2015

--- ---
Extension version checking cleanups.
Use XRenderCreateSolidFill() if available.
Debug printout cleanups.
Prepare to handle other than XI2 generic events.
Initial Present infrastructure.
Initial CM/Present experimental support.
Autofoo tweaks.
Simplify shading code.
Correct shading end size.
FX: Cosmetics.
FX: Correct some offsets.
Eliminate EwinFindByChildren().
Minor tweaks in EShapePropagate().
Fix animation bug (could cause major stalls and maybe lockup).
Fix animator initialisation when duration is 0.
Visibility cosmetics (use EC_C_VISIBILITY).
Minor fading animation tweak.
Remove unused AnimatorsDelCat().
Clean up header file inclusion order.


Sun Feb  8 09:43:24 CET 2015

--- 1.0.16 ---
Fix potential buffer overruns when using sscanf().
CM: Cosmetics.
CM: Fadeout tweak.
CM: Reorder start/stop details.
Wrap some calls to XRenderCreatePicture().

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