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Cambios en Libmenu-cache 1.1.0

Changes in 1.1.0 since 1.0.2:

* Fixed crash with invalid <Name> tag in a menu.

* Added new API menu_cache_app_get_generic_name() to get generic
    name for application.

* Fixed potential access violation, use runtime user dir instead of tmp dir.
    It limits libmenu-cache compatibility to menu-cached >= 0.7.0.

* Directory $XDG_DATA_HOME/applications will be created if it does not
    exist so it will be monitored in any case.

* Fixed issue when subdirectories added would be skipped in monitoring.

* Fixed potential file descriptors leak.

* Reduced inactivity timer to 6 seconds (from 600 seconds).

* Fixed an issue with multiple daemons started: test if daemon is already
    running on socket before killing old socket file.

* Fixed 100% CPU load by menu-cached due to invalid dup2() call.

Pasted: Apr 22, 2018, 1:47:15 pm
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