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Cambios en Links 2.6

=== RELEASE 2.6 ===

Sat Apr  7 03:54:41 CEST 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed reads and writes out of memory in the xbm decoder
	It may have security implications

Mon Apr  2 05:34:15 CEST 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed character set in the window title in X11

Fri Mar 30 05:10:32 CEST 2012 mikulas:

	Check EINTR after each syscall to work around non-working SA_RESTART
	on some old Unices

Wed Mar 28 22:11:23 CEST 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed access out of allocated memory in the graphics renderer.
	It may have security implications --- although just two characters
	('-' and 0) were written to the unallocated area.

Tue Mar 27 21:49:38 CEST 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed an infinite loop in usemap when invalid html tag was processed

Sun Mar 25 04:46:43 CEST 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed a crash if the user runs links with pipe on stdin

Sun Mar 25 02:42:11 MET 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed inefficiency when moving or dragging mouse over big documents

Sat Mar 24 01:26:05 CET 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed inefficiency when displaying documents with long lines

Wed Mar  7 23:02:27 CET 2012 mikulas:

	Fix copy and paste of Unicode characters to/from Xwindow

Tue Feb 28 21:04:51 CET 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed visual glitches in the select box in text-mode UTF-8

Sun Feb 26 18:31:17 MET 2012 mikulas:

	Use key ' to move forward

Thu Feb 23 23:13:35 CET 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed access out of memory when pasting too long string from
	a clipboard

Thu Feb 23 00:52:09 CET 2012 mikulas:

	The NSS encryption library can cause browser lockup. Add a warning.
	The user should use OpenSSL instead of NSS.

Wed Feb 22 23:11:45 CET 2012 mikulas:

	Fix for big endian Xserver

Tue Feb 21 03:03:33 MET 2012 mikulas:

	Restrict textarea and input field width to screen size minus margins

Tue Feb 21 00:29:09 CET 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed saving formatted document when UTF-8 is used

Sun Feb 19 22:24:20 MET 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed a crash if the user selected "Frame at full-screen" in the menu
	and there was no page displayed in the current frame

Mon Feb 13 19:35:07 MET 2012 mikulas:

	Reload bookmarks if some other Links instance changes them

Mon Feb 13 18:37:41 MET 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed some messages about decompression errors when http authentication
	and compression was used at the same time

Sun Feb 12 18:32:26 MET 2012 mikulas:

	Display filename and percentage in the download menu

Sun Feb 12 17:50:01 MET 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed divide-by-zero crash in the download code

Sun Feb 12 15:22:12 MET 2012 mikulas:

	Continue downloads to partially downloaded file

Tue Feb  7 07:13:49 MET 2012 mikulas:

	Add information about versions of libraries

Tue Feb  7 00:39:28 cet 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed visual glitches in the list editor

Sun Feb  5 20:35:43 cet 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed integer overflows if file cache has more than 2GB

Mon Jan 23 21:54:19 MET 2012 mikulas:

	Don't compact <br> tags inside <pre> (fixes line numbers in
	source code viewer on github)

Mon Jan 23 03:23:07 CET 2012 mikulas:

	Support non-english keyboard in the Xwindow driver

Sun Jan 15 01:42:59 cet 2012 mikulas:

	When opening a new window, copy html options from the existing session

Sat Jan 14 22:59:53 cet 2012 mikulas:

	Support #! translation according to Google specification

Thu Jan  5 02:43:42 CET 2012 mikulas:

	Fixed reading of a freed memory if the user deletes a user program
	while a query box with user programs is displayed

Fri Dec 30 15:34:11 MET 2011 mikulas:

	Allow the user to set local IP address

Thu Dec 29 18:41:51 MET 2011 mikulas:

	Allow the user to change colors

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