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Cambios en VLC 1.1.9

Changes between 1.1.8 and 1.1.9:

Windows and Mac OS X:
 * Update of external library modplug, to address a security issue

 * mp4: Fix heap-based buffer overflow (VideoLAN-SA-1103)

Mac OS X Interface:
 * Miscellaneous interface look adjustments
 * Improve Apple Remote handling
 * Fixe bugs in the Streaming / Transcoding wizard
 * Layout fixes in the Preferences and Controls windows
 * Fix incomplete list of hotkeys in the Preferences dialog
 * Fix quitting through Apple Events (Dock menu, App Switcher, AppleScript, etc.)

Mac OS X Port:
 * Fix Growl local notification plugin
 * VLC bundle now includes the Growl framework
 * Fixes for eyeTV

 * Updates of Lithuanian, Estonian, Chinese, Japanese, Bengali, Dutch, Polish,
   German, Galician, Traditional Chinese translations
 * New Luganda Translation

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