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Cambios en Synfig Animation Studio 0.63.01

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More detailed notes are available on the releases page:

 0.63.01 (git tag: "synfigstudio-0.63.01") - September 24, 2011 - Bub fixes, features

  * Refactor duck creation for selected layers into duckmatic.
  * Guides are saved now between sessions. Fix bug
  * Guides are not dragged if not visible. Fix bug
  * Add undo capability for guides.
  * Snap to grid is now relative to zoom.
  * OptionMenu (deprecatd) has been replaced by ComboBox.
  * When change the Setup Dialog, spread it inmediately to the canvas's rules.
  * Circle, Rectangle, Star and Polygon Tools allows create Advanced Outlines Layers.
  * Linked to BLine has the option of be curve length based. On by default.
  * New icons for canvas navigation, preview, render and animate mode buttons.
  * Canvas window buttons rearranged.
  * Imported canvases are now 'Children Locked' by default.
  * New language support: Persian, Lituanian
  * Updated existing translations.

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