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Cambios en Fotoxx 19.5

Fotoxx Change Log

Version 19.5 (2019.02.xx)
 • Bugfix, Color Mode: inconsistent results, image flashing with slider motion.
 • Bugfix, Denoise: the dark areas / all areas slider did not work correctly. 
 • Bugfix, Upright: crash if thumbnail was clicked and current file is null. 
 • Bugfix, Trim/Rotate: crash if 'undo' button is used after image is rotated.
 • Update usage counter on web host [anonymous]
 • Bugfix: image file with future mod time caused thumbnail update every access.
 • Bugfix: Show RGB failed if current image changed while active.

Pasted: Mar 5, 2019, 8:38:45 pm
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