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Cambios en Gxine 0.5.906

0.5.906: 2011-08-11
	* Reset pointer shape on stream stop/eject.
	* Use re-entrant versions of xine-lib's XML parser functions
	  (if available).
	* gxine.desktop now says that gxine can accept files or URLs.
	* Handle gamma, sharpness and noise reduction controls (if supported
	  by the selected video output driver).
	* Add vo_*.available (whether a given control is available).
	* Handle iconisation of the video window by preventing hiding &
	  re-showing while the window is iconised.
	* Portability changes (pthreads, console redirection).
	* Czech translation update.
	* More GDK functions over X11:
	  - prefer GDK for cursors and setting windows focus
	  - prefer X11 for system tray and GTK video window
	* Windows port of GTK video widget.
	* Handle relative paths in m3u playlists.
	* Fix focus grabbing (in the absence of Xinerama).

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