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Cambios en Wget 1.13

* Changes in Wget 1.13

** Support HTTP/1.1

** Fix some portability issues.

** Handle properly malformed status line in a HTTP response.

** Ignore zero length domains in $no_proxy.

** Set new cookies after an authorization failure.

** Exit with failure if -k is specified and -O is not a regular file.

** Cope better with unclosed html tags.

** Print diagnostic messages to stderr, not stdout.

** Do not use an additional HEAD request when --content-disposition is used,
   but use directly GET.

** Report the average transfer speed correctly when multiple URL's are specified
   and -c influences the transferred data amount.

** GNU TLS backend works again.

** Now --timestamping and --continue works well together.

** By default, on server redirects, use the original URL to get the
   local file name. Close CVE-2010-2252.  This introduces a
   backward-incompatibility; any script that relies on the old
   behaviour must use --trust-server-names.

** Fix a problem when -k is used and some URLs are specified trough

** Convert correctly URLs that need to be encoded to local files when following

** Use persistent connections with proxies supporting them.

** Print the total download time as part of the summary for recursive downloads.

** Now it is possible to specify a different startup configuration file trough
   the --config option.

** Fix an infinite loop with the error '<filename> has sprung into existence'
   on a network error and -nc is used.

** Now --adjust-extension does not modify the file extension if the file ends
   in .htm.

** Support HTTP/1.1 307 redirects keep request method.

** Now --no-parent doesn't fetch undesired files if HTTP and HTTPS are used
   by the same host on different pages.

** Do not attempt to remove the file if it is not in the accept rules but
   it is the output destination file.

** Introduce `show_all_dns_entries' to print all IP addresses corresponding to
   a DNS name when it is resolved.

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