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Cambios en Pidgin 2.10.2

Pidgin and Finch: The Pimpin' Penguin IM Clients That're Good for the Soul

version 2.10.2 (03/14/2012):
	* Fix compilation when using binutils 2.22 and new GDK pixbuf. (#14799)
	* Fix compilation of the MXit protocol plugin with GLib 2.31. (#14773)

	* Add support for the GNOME3 Network dialog. (#13882)
	* Fix rare crash. (#14392)
	* Add support for the GNOME3 Default Application dialog for configuring
	  the Browser.

	* Support new connection states and signals for NetworkManager 0.9+.
	  (Dan Williams) (#13859)

	AIM and ICQ:
	* Fix a possible crash when receiving an unexpected message
	  from the server. (Thijs Alkemade) (#14983)
	* Allow signing on with usernames containing periods and
	  underscores. (#13500)
	* Allow adding buddies containing periods and underscores. (#13500)
	* Don't try to format ICQ usernames entered as email addresses.
	  Gets rid of an "Unable to format username" error at login. (#13883)

	* Fix possible crashes caused by not validating incoming messages as
	  UTF-8. (Thijs Alkemade) (#14884)
	* Support new protocol version MSNP18. (#14753)
	* Fix messages to offline contacts. (#14302)

	Windows-Specific Changes:
	* Fix the installer downloading of spell-checking dictionaries (#14612)
	* Fix compilation of the Bonjour protocol plugin. (#14802)

	* The autoaccept plugin will no longer reset the preference for unknown
	  buddies to "Auto Reject" in certain cases. (#14964)

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