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Cambios en MLTERM 3.0.9

ver 3.0.9
* Add auto-restart feature. ("auto_restart" option)
* Support OSC 52 sequence which is allowed by "allow_osc52=true" in ~/.mlterm/main
  or SWITCH_OSC52 shortcut key.
* -V option is no longer necessary (and not automatically turned on) to show
  indic characters.
* Improve performance of cairo module and libvte.
* Improve processing key events of ibus.
* Support iBUS 1.4.
* Add experimental support for GTK+-3.0. (configure --with-gtk=2.0|3.0)
* Reverse behavior of "alpha" option.
* Add "alpha" box to mlconfig.
* Bug fixes:
  Fix strange behavior in selecting indic characters.
  Fix a libvte's problem which gets gnome-terminal not to be resized even if font size is changed.
  Fix a problem which disabled hinting of font metrics in cairo.
  Fix a problem which could cause segv in selecting region.
  Revive "Brightness", "Contrast" and "Gamma" boxes of mlconfig.

Pasted: Nov 19, 2011, 6:08:47 pm
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