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Cambios en MLTERM 3.0.4

ver 3.0.4
* Add support for libssh2. (Experimental)
* Support "use_unicode_property" option. (Thanks to Hidetaka Koie san)
* Support "not_use_unicode_font" option in indian characters of unicode.
  (libind is required.)
* Mlimgloader is possible to avoid to build if you don't specify it
  as a value of configure's --with-tools option.
* Merge SF patches:
  #3243508 (Thanks to Ahmed El-Mahmoudy)
  #3243231(partially) (Thanks to Kusanagi Kouichi san)
* Other bug fixes:
  Fix an error in setting "iBus" from mlconfig. (Thanks to shitamo san)
  Fix wraparound failure if terminal column size is 100.
  Fix compilation failure of mlimgloader with gdk-pixbuf1.
  Fix compilation failure in win32.
  Fix an error in opening a new pty by mlclient(x) which uses configuration protocol.
  SF Bug #3280196 (Thanks to Yoshiaki Kasahara san)

Pasted: May 30, 2011, 5:02:24 pm
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