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Cambios en VLC 2.0.4

Changes between 2.0.3 and 2.0.4:

Audio Output:
 * Improve playback synchronization with PulseAudio.
 * Fix ALSA digital pass-through ("S/PDIF").
 * Fix live audio device selection on Mac OS X
 * Fix detection of some 5.1 and 7.1 kits on Windows.
 * Fix audio output behavior when the output device is plugged or unplugged
   during playback on Mac OS X

 * Fix numerous DVD (dvdnav) crashes
 * Fix HTTP playback through proxy and advertise gzip correctly
 * Fix TLS busy-loop during client-side handshake

 * Support for Opus decoding via libopus, including multi-channel files
 * Support MSS1 and MSS2 decoding through DMO libraries
 * Fix Hebrew and Greek subtitles encoding
 * Fix crashes on malformed subtitles and malformed png files
 * Fix crashes when using hardware decoding

 * Fix issues in Ogg with zero length packets
 * Fix file duration of Ogg/Theora and Ogg/Vorbis files
 * Fix vimeo, koreus and youtube lua parsers
 * Support Youtube live streams

 * Fix Wallpaper mode on Windows 7/8

 * Fix media info dialog update
 * Fix random/repeat preferences saving
 * Fix crashes when opening audio effects dialog, with skins and playlist
 * Fix crash on association dialog on Windows XP
 * Fix album art display at start

Mac OS X:
 * Fix command-line options to control the interface behavior
 * Deactivate CoreAnimation effects on Leopard
 * Fix menus display and behavior
 * Fix various crashes and small issues including bookmarks, playlist, buttons,
   streaming wizard, video size, hotkeys and fullscreen controller
 * Fix font selection for Unicode subtitles
 * Improve system sleep behavior when playing audio-only media. The screen is
   allowed to sleep while the system is kept awake during playback.
 * Fix code signing of Delete Preferences application
 * Add option to Audio Effects panel to activate the Karaoke filter

 * Fix Notify (D-Bus) plugin deadlock.
 * Fix buffer corruption in freetype and subtitles modules
 * Improve Blu-Ray and HLS support
 * Fix issues on selection of playlist items for WebUI
 * Codec and other 3rd party library updates
 * Fix swscale and canvas behavior with Aspect Ratio
 * Fix mime-type when streaming Webm over HTTP
 * Fix recording behaviour in Windows network environments
 * Codecs and 3rd party libary updates

 * Updates of Norwegian Bokmål, Korean, Slovak, Serbian, Russian, Traditional
   Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Portuguese, Walloon, Turkish, Thai, Polish,
   Dutch, Khmer, Hindi, Japanese, Galician, Hebrew, German, Breton, Scottish
   Gaelic, Czech, Estonian translations
 * Initial translations for Bengali, Fula, Gujarati and Bosnian

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