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Replacement Key For Bentley Continental GT 
Bentley Continental GT isolates you from the stress of daily driving. Even when bentley continental gt key fob commuting to Irvine, it filters the traffic noise and lane-changes to create a tranquil bubble around you. 
The interior is refined and harmonises cutting-edge onboard technology, paired with handcrafted natural materials. This is a car that is very particular about its specifications. 
Key Fob Case 
It isn't a good idea to lose your Bentley key fob. Not only can it render your car unusable, but it can also create a very embarrassing scene if you're trying to exit the vehicle in front of people. Fortunately, you can get replacement keys from AutoLocks LTD for 75% less than what dealers charge. 
The first thing you have to get is a fob to donate. eBay offers them for very little. Some sellers offer a money back guarantee. It will work fine with an older Bentley Continental GT or Mulsanne. 
You can also purchase an all-new key case, which is designed specifically for Bentley keys. It comes with a leather strap as well as a push-button switch and a 15mm zinc alloy stud engraved with the Bentley 'B' emblem. The fob is also water-resistant and is able to withstand shock and impact. It can also protect your key from scratches and dust. This product is easy to set up and offers extensive protection for your key. It's lightweight and has a sleek design that won't make your bag bulkier or pocket. 
Key Fob Shell 
It's expensive and inconvenient problem to lose your Bentley key fob. Instead of relying upon your local locksmith or an independent dealer, you can save 75% by swapping your existing electronic components into the replacement key fob. 
Note: There's a bit of disassembly required to remove the old key fob electronics from the original case and place them in the new. There are a couple of fussy areas such as the switchblade and panic button, so take your time to be careful not to drop any parts. 
This is an replacement shell. No transponder or replacement bentley key is included. You will need to have your current transponder for your key fob and uncut key blank cut by a locksmith or dealer match this key shell. 
Key Fob Blade 
In an age where car keys have transformed from utilitarian metal instruments to trendy, status symbols, Bentley's key fob is all about flashing your wealth. It's as if you wave your American Express Platinum card at the hostess at a posh dining establishment or holding up your Bentley Bentayga to draw the attention of. 
Designer Dirk van Braekel's keyfob design is everything you would expect from a Bentley should be: elegant, extravagant and eye-catching. The key fob can perform all of the usual trunk-open, lock and unlock functions. The keypad of the fob has a knurled surface that matches the interior of your car. The the ring that holds your fob is rubberized and has the same textured design. 
The key fob is a striking bulkiness that speaks to the craftsmanship of Bentley. The fob sports a small Bentley "b" portion that serves as pulling the hood. It also has the locks as well as trunk unlock and trunk open buttons, which are vertically arranged rather than horizontally. 
The key fob has a built-in panic button that you can press quickly to prevent thieves from stealing your car in the event of theft. It also has a rechargeable battery that can be recharged by an onboard computer when the vehicle is in motion. It is also programmed to work with a variety of other vehicles with the same kind of key fob. 
Key Blade Blank 
This Bentley Continental GT will amaze you with its performance and design. This car has been inspected, detailed, and serviced to showroom-quality. It is ready to take off today! 
Bentley started employing transponder keys in the year 2000 on various vehicles. These keys are unique and include a chip within the key which interacts with the car computer to open the door or start the engine. These keys provide great convenience and are an excellent security system. However, cutting and programming new keys is a tough task and requires specific equipment from a dealership or mobile locksmith. 
This item is sold by desertcart. replacement bentley key have been a reputable seller since 2014. Desertcart operates in 164 countries and is completely legal. 


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