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Cambios en Pidgin 2.9.0

version 2.9.0 (06/23/2011):
	* Fix a potential remote denial-of-service bug related to displaying
	  buddy icons.
	* Significantly improved performance of larger IRC channels (regression
	  introduced in 2.8.0).
	* Fix Conversation->Add on AIM and MSN.
	* Entries in the chat user list are sorted properly again.  This was
	  inadvertenly broken in 2.8.0.

	* Fix logging in to ICQ.

	* media: Actually use the specified TCP port from the TURN configuration to
	  create a TCP relay candidate.

	AIM and ICQ:
	* Fix crashes on some non-mainstream OSes when attempting to
	  printf("%s", NULL).  (Clemens Huebner) (#14297)

	* The Evolution Integration plugin compiles again.

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