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Cambios en Privoxy 3.0.34

ChangeLog for Privoxy
*** Version 3.0.34 stable ***

- Bug fixes:
  - Improve the handling of chunk-encoded responses by buffering the data
    even if filters are disabled and properly keeping track of where the
    various chunks are supposed to start and end. Previously Privoxy would
    merely check the last bytes received to see if they looked like the
    last-chunk. This failed to work if the last-chunk wasn't received in one
    read and could also result in actual data being misdetected
    as last-chunk.
    Should fix: SF support request #1739.
    Reported by: withoutname.
  - remove_chunked_transfer_coding(): Refuse to de-chunk invalid data
    Previously the data could get corrupted even further.
    Now we simply pass the unmodified data to the client.
  - gif_deanimate(): Tolerate multiple image extensions in a row.
    This allows to deanimate all the gifs on:
    Fixes SF bug #795 reported by Celejar.
  - OpenSSL generate_host_certificate(): Use X509_get_subject_name()
    instead of X509_get_issuer_name() to get the issuer for generated
    website certificates so there are no warnings in the browser when using
    an intermediate CA certificate instead of a self-signed root certificate.
    Problem reported and patch submitted by Chakib Benziane.
  - can_filter_request_body(): Fix a log message that contained a spurious u.
  - handle_established_connection(): Check for pending TLS data from the client
    before checking if data is available on the connection.
    The TLS library may have already consumed all the data from the client
    response in which case poll() and select() will not detect that data is
    available to be read.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme.
  - ssl_send_certificate_error(): Don't crash if there's no certificate
    information available. This is only relevant when Privoxy is built with
    wolfSSL 5.0.0 or later (code not yet published). Earlier wolfSSL versions
    or the other TLS backends don't seem to trigger the crash.
  - socks5_connect(): Add support for target hosts specified as IPv4 address
    Previously the IP address was sent as domain.

- General improvements:
  - Add a client-body-tagger action which creates tags based on
    the content of the request body.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme.
  - When client-body filters are enabled, buffer the whole request
    before opening a connection to the server.
    Makes it less likely that the server connection times out
    and we don't open a connection if the buffering fails anyway.
    Sponsored by: Robert Klemme.
  - Add periods to a couple of log messages.
  - accept_connection(): Add missing space to a log message.
  - Initialize ca-related defaults with strdup_or_die() so errors
    aren't silently ignored.
  - make_path: Use malloc_or_die() in cases where allocation errors
    were already fatal anyway.
  - handle_established_connection(): Improve an error message slightly.
  - receive_client_request(): Reject https URLs without CONNECT request.
  - Include all requests in the statistics if mutexes are available.
    Previously in case of reused connections only the last request got
    counted. The statistics still aren't perfect but it's an improvement.
  - Add read_socks_reply() and start using it in socks5_connect()
    to apply the socket timeout more consistently.
  - socks5_connect(): Deal with domain names in the socks reply
  - Add a filter for that hides the cookie and
    privacy info banner.

- Action file improvements:
  - Disable filter{banners-by-size} for
  - Disable filter{banners-by-size} for
  - Disable fast-redirects for
  - Block requests to
  - Block requests for
  - Fix a typo in a test.
  - Disable fast-redirects for
  - Unblock
  - Stop unblocking .org/.*(image|banner) which appears to be too generous
    It let requests like:
    The example URL is
    already unblocked due to being unblocked.
  - Unblock
  - Disable filter{banners-by-link} for
  - Block requests to
  - Disable fast-redirects for
  - Disable fast-redirects{} for .onion/.*/status/.
  - Disable fast-redirects{} for*/status/.
  - Unblock
  - Disable fast-redirects for

- Privoxy-Log-Parser:
  - Bump version to 0.9.5.
  - Highlight more log messages.
  - Highlight the Crunch reason only once. Previously the "crunch reason"
    could also be highlighted when the URL contained a matching string.
    The real crunch reason only occurs once per line, so there's no need
    to continue looking for it after it has been found once.
    While at it, add a comment with an example log line.

- uagen:
  - Bump version to 1.2.4.
    to match the User-Agent of the current Firefox ESR.
  - Explicitly document that changing the 'Gecko token' is suspicious.
  - Consistently use a lower-case 'c' as copyright symbol.
  - Bump copyright.
  - Add 'aarch64' as Linux architecture.
  - Add OpenBSD architecture 'arm64'.
  - Stop using sparc64 as FreeBSD architecture.
    It hasn't been supported for a while now.

- Build system:
  - Makefile: Add a 'dok' target that depends on the 'error' target
    to show the "You are not using GNU make or did nor run configure"
  - configure: Fix --with-msan option.
    Also (probably) reported by Andrew Savchenko.

- macOS build system:
  - Enable HTTPS inspection when building the macOS binary
    (using OpenSSL as TLS library).

- Documentation:
  - Add OpenSSL to the list of libraries that may be licensed under the
    Apache 2.0 license in which case the linked Privoxy binary has to be
    distributed under the GPLv3 or later.
  - config: Fix the documented ca-directory default value.
    Reported by avoidr.
  - Rebuild developer-manual and tidy with 'HTML Tidy for FreeBSD version 5.8.0'.
  - Update developer manual with new macOS packaging instructions.
  - Note that the FreeBSD installation instructions work for
    ElectroBSD as well.
  - Note that FreeBSD/ElectroBSD users can try to install Privoxy
    as binary package using 'pkg'.

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