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Cambios en Links 2.5

=== RELEASE 2.5 ===

Sat Dec 24 20:30:41 MET 2011 mikulas:

	Use icon in pmshell

Wed Dec 21 01:46:04 cet 2011 mikulas:

	Do not guess compression type from extension if Content-Type is html

Mon Dec 19 03:09:04 MET 2011 mikulas:

	Recognise tgz extension

Sun Dec 18 21:33:52 cet 2011 mikulas:

	Fixed some visual glitches in the list editor, window is automatically
	resized with the terminal

	Fixed a crash if the user changes bookmarks location while some bookmark
	editing dialog was displayed

	Fixed a bug that bookmark location couldn't be changed on text-only

	Removed save bookmarks menu option, bookmarks are saved always when
	closing bookmark window

Fri Dec 16 02:12:37 MET 2011 mikulas:

	Search for viewer application according to file extension if the server
	returns content type application/x-<compression method>.

Tue Dec  6 20:03:21 cet 2011 mikulas:

	Implemented forward history

Sun Dec  4 11:35:17 CET 2011 mikulas:

	Fixed memory leaks or lockups if a connection between
	two links instances was unexpectedly broken

	Implemented a handshake in the communication protocol so that
	different Links versions won't communicate with each other

	Fixed a possible lockup if the user presses key and the master
	Links instance disconnects at the same time

Sun Dec  4 06:05:03 CEST 2011 mikulas:

	Use AF_UNIX on Windows

Tue Nov 29 02:44:44 CET 2011 mikulas:

	Do not send spaces in Accept-Charset

Mon Nov 28 03:03:26 CET 2011 mikulas:

	Identify compier in User-Agent

Sun Nov 27 02:28:35 cet 2011 mikulas:

	Heap in high memory on OS/2

Fri Nov 25 01:25:56 CET 2011 mikulas:

	Support lzma compression

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