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Cambios en Fotoxx 19.0

Fotoxx Change Log

Version 19.0 (Jan 2019) - changes from prior version 18.07 (July 2018)
Functional Changes:
 • Menus were unified to be the same for all views: File, Gallery, Map.
   (Reduce confusion for new users and generally improve ease of use.)
 • The top 3 menu buttons (File, Gallery, Map) can set the respective view mode
   with mouse right-click. Left-click opens the function menu [unchanged].
 • Galleries can now be sorted by file size [bytes] or image size [pixels].
 • Zoom behavior change: zoom size and position is now retained when stepping 
   through a series of images. Use the Z key to return to 'fit window' mode.
 • Map View: zoom in/out with left/right click as alternative to mouse wheel.
 • Manage Albums: removing or moving multiple images within or across albums
   was made easier. There are two new mass change utilities for updating album 
   files after multiple images have been edited and saved as new versions.
   Create Album has the option to immediately select initial files.
 • New [arty] Warp functions: Inside-out, Tiny Planet, Stretch. 
 • New [arty] Effects function: Dither: 4 ways to posterize/pixelize an image.
 • New Combine function: Stack/Layer: stack multiple edits of the same image, 
   select which version is shown in each image area by mouse painting/blending.
 • New Color Balance function: automatic white balance and black level.
   The white balance spot-click option also has an improved algorithm.
 • Search Images: metadata search: new convenience pick-list of likely items.
 • The escape key can now be used to terminate some long-running functions
   (focus must be on main window, not on a dialog window).
 • Select Area Finish: (validate and check for outline gaps) areas selected by 
   mouse-painting or color-matching are now automatically finished. Areas
   outlined by hand can be finished individually (as before) or all at once.
 • Copy/Move image file: now includes optional rename.
Technical Changes:
 • The index format was revised. Re-indexing of image collection is required.
   (will run faster than usual because new thumbnails are not needed). 
 • Crash [zappcrash] file is now copied to the desktop. The previous 'pop-up' 
   approach was not reliable for all Linux window manager flavors.
 • The fotoxx-appimage package no longer needs the Exiftool package. 
   This is now included within the appimage container.
 • The term 'folder' has replaced 'directory' in dialogs and the User Guide.
 • Many image edit dialogs were formatted smaller to cover less image area.
 • Many dialog and report windows now remember their last user-adjusted size. 
   This compensates for size variability from font, language, and metadata.
 • 'Sync Gallery' now has the more sensible name 'Source Folder'.
   (you will need to edit your shortcuts list to match the new name)
 • Maximum image size was increased to 500 megapixels (8 GB unpacked)
   (at least 32 GB main memory is needed to edit images this large).
 • The Fotoxx server process [exiftool] for handling metadata will no longer 
   persist as a zombie if the main process is killed or exits abnormally.
 • Slide Show: image pan/zoom was made fast enough for use with a 4K monitor
   driven by a typical desktop computer (4 processor cores, 2+ GHz). 
 • Thumbnail files corresponding to invalid top image folders are no longer
   deleted. This is to reduce indexing time for an external disks that is
   sometimes present [mounted] and sometimes not. 
Bug Fixes:
 • Replace Album File: failed to use the original [unedited] image file as 
   the prior version for the first edited version. 
 • Magnify function: scrambled the image in areas having transparency. 
 • Drag and drop album image - gallery could continue scrolling after drop.
 • Race condition crash - gallery initialization and preload-thumbs thread.
 • Script file containing multiple edit functions: it was possible for an 
   edit function to start before the prior edit function was completed.
 • Retouch function used in a script: failed to process curve settings.
 • Bad metadata (e.g. year 0000) could cause date-based reports to fail.
 • Manage Albums: Remove cache files: crash if select albums and then cancel.
 • Index function: nested [overlapping] folders were not being rejected.
 • Rare failure in undo/redo was fixed: "resource temporarily unavailable". 
 • Copy to Desktop omitted edits that had not yet been saved to a file.
 • An incorrect resource locking method was causing [rare] UI lockups.

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