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Cambios en XFE 1.42

Version 1.42 (released 27/07/2016)
- the input dialogs with history are now alphabetically sorted. The number of visible inputs is set to 8 (feature
  request #202, thanks to klappnase for his patch)
- gray / green focus icons in panels are now clickable buttons (feature request #204) 
- fixed a problem with the exec path (bug #217)
- fixed a regression where panel width percentages were incorrectly set to two digit precision. Indeed, three
  digits are required otherwise the panel widths are not correctly retained
- fixed some typos in File.cpp
- fixed a resource leak in startupnotification.cpp (runcmd function). The display is now properly closed
- added custom mount / unmount commands in the Programs tab of the Preferences dialog
- fixed bugs in the Properties dialog when displaying the size and number of subfolders
- fixed a regression that prevented to refresh the panels after a file operation in the Properties dialog
- replaced the internal Xvt terminal used for root mode with st, another tiny terminal that supports UTF-8. This allows
  to fix bug #214 and to use the text font selected by the user in the Preferences dialog. As a side effect, Xft (and
  fontconfig) support is required in the FOX library. The file was changed accordingly to reflect this new
- fixed a wrong return code in the quit command of XFilePackage 
- fixed a regression in the save dialog of xfw (bug #211)
- patch for OpenBSD build and fix for hurd and kfreebsd on Debian (thanks to joowie)
- fixed failed build on Mac OS X (bug #210)
- fixed failed build with --disable-n (bug #209)

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