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Cambios en ATLAS 3.10.0

ATLAS 3.10.0 released 07/10/12, highlights of changes from 3.8.4:
   * Rewrite of threading system, providing large parallel speedups, by:
     + Using affinity and master last
     + Ability to use Windows threads instead of pthreads
     + Ability to use OpenMP instead of pthreads (no affinity!)
   * Complete rewrite of L2BLAS support for increased empirical tuning
     and better performance
   * Addition of SSE generator and search for increased portable performance
   * Added autotuning of QR NB
   * Added native support for QR factorization and related routines
   * Add support for many new architectures and ISA extensions
     + ARM, POWER7, AMD DOZER, many new x86 targets
     + AVX, VSX, NEON, FMA4
     + Ability to build more generic libs for performance loss but
       portability gain
   * Added ability to autotest lapack and full ATLAS tests
   * Improved reliability to in building dynamic libs using --shared
   * Improved lapack integration using --with-netlib-lapack-tarfile=
   * Increased lapack performance through use of PCA panel factorizations
   * Vastly improved Windows support
     + 64-bit libraries supported with MinGW compilers
     + Native compiler interoperation enabled by using MinGW compilers
     + Ability to build .lib simply by using --shared
   * Much increased autobenchmarking options in ATLAS/results

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