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Cambios en FileZilla 3.10.0

3.10.0 (2015-01-07)

- Fixed default file exists actions broken by rc1

3.10.0-rc2 (2015-01-03)

+ Added Welsh translation
+ Data type indicator in the status bar now reacts to left-clicks as well
- MSW: Fix crash when displaying the drive list

3.10.0-rc1 (2014-12-29)

+ Reduced memory consumption of large queues
+ Preliminary support for Windows 10 technical preview
+ MSW: FileZilla running on a 64bit Windows can now use up to 4GiB of RAM, up from 2GiB
- Fixed memory leaks in SFTP component
- Fixed fzsftp crashing on disconnect if using keyfiles
- Various code cleanup and minor fixes

3.10.0-beta3 (2014-12-19)

+ The search dialog now has checkboxes to only search for files or directories
+ In the file lists, Ctrl+Shift+N can now be used to create new directories
+ Added an additional icon theme
+ Small performance improvements parsing large directory listings
+ Updated SFTP components from PuTTY
- Fixed applying file exists actions to files currently in the queue
- Don't send the PBSZ and PROT commands to servers that have rejected AUTH TLS/SSL

3.10.0-beta2 (2014-12-05)

- Fixed uploads constantly timing out
- Log abbreviation now works correctly when cancelling a pending connection retry
- Fixed a timing issue in the updater. Users of 3.10.0-beta1 need to update manually.
- Speed limits no longer reset when opening the settings dialog
- Fix reporting of transfer progress
- Theme preview in the settings dialog now properly displays non-standard theme sizes

3.10.0-beta1 (2014-12-03)

+ FTP over TLS is now used by default if the server supports it. Use of plain FTP can be enforced for a server in the Site Manager
+ Connection handling and transferring files has been moved into its own thread to improve GUI responsivenes
+ The message log now only shows abbreviated logs unless an error occurs
+ Added option to pre-allocate disk space when downloading files
+ Files editing can now be started from the search dialog
+ Directory trees and the Site Manager tree can now be drag-scrolled
+ *nix: FileZilla no longer depends on libidn if getaddrinfo supports AI_IDN

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