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Cambios en GNU Wget 1.20

GNU Wget NEWS -- history of user-visible changes.

Copyright (C) 1997-2018 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
See the end for copying conditions.

Please send GNU Wget bug reports to <[email protected]>.

* Changes in Wget 1.20

** Add new option `--retry-on-host-error` to treat local errors as transient
and hence Wget will retry to download the file after a brief waiting period.

** Fixed multiple potential resource leaks as found by static analysis

** Wget will now not create an empty wget-log file when running with -q and -b
switches together

** When compiled using the GnuTLS >= 3.6.3, Wget now has support for TLSv1.3

** Now there is support for using libpcre2 for regex pattern matching

** When downloading over FTP recursively, one can now use the
--{accept,reject}-regex switches to fine-tune the downloaded files

** Building Wget from the git sources now requires autoconf 2.63 or above.
Building from the Tarballs works as it used to.

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