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Cambios en Wget 1.15

* Changes in Wget 1.15

** Add support for --method.

** Add support for file names longer than MAX_FILE.

** Support FTP listing for the FTP Server on Windows Server 2008 R2.

** Fix a regression when -c and --content-disposition are used together.

** Support shorthand URLs in an input file.

** Fix -c with servers that don't specify a content-length.

** Add support for MD5-SESS

** Do not fail on non fatal GNU TLS alerts during handshake.

** Add support for --https-only.  When used wget will follow only
   HTTPS links in recursive mode.

** Support Perfect-Forward Secrecy in --secure-protocol.

** Fix a problem with some IRI links that are not followed when contained in a
   HTML document.

** Support some FTP servers that return an empty list with "LIST -a".

** Specify Host with the HTTP CONNECT method.

** Use the correct HTTP method on a redirection.

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